Spotify Playlist In A Bottle

Spotify to deliver ‘Playlist In A Bottle” feature to share music with your future self

As streaming services continue to vie for listener attention, Spotify is looking to create more interactive methods for users to engage with the platform as well as better understand their own listening habits.  With the growing popularity of the company’s end-of-year Spotify Wrapped feature, which allows users to dissect how many hours they spent listening and which artists and tracks featured the most for them, this new venture works more as a time capsule to communicate with your future self.

With the new Spotify Playlist In A Bottle feature now available, users will have til the end of January 2023 to interact with the program through the mobile app,  Once connected, users will be asked a series of questions regarding their current listening habits, but only after they pick a receptacle to store their list.  The app offers a digital glass bottle, the pocket of your jeans, a gumball machine, a lunch box, and a teddy bear in which to store your choices.  From there, users need to pick three songs from different prompts including-

  • A song you need to hear live in 2023
  • A song that reminds you of your favorite person
  • A song you’re going to kiss someone to this year
  • A song you’re convinced was written about you

And more.

The app allows you to search by artist or track and when the results appear, a selection can be made.  These choices will be stored in the chosen receptacle from the first step and revealed to users in January 2024.  It should be a fun way for listeners to access their musical and personal life when the time capsules are opened a year from now.

As mentioned previously, time capsule answers must be submitted by January 31st to ensure the full year goes by before they are officially opened up again.  Head over to the official Spotify Playlist In a Bottle website and submit your own time capsule today.


Image credit: Spotify

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