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SSL release new multi-character compressor, Blitzer
SSL Blitzer plugin
Credits: SSL.com (https://www.solidstatelogic.com/products/blitzer)

SSL release new multi-character compressor, Blitzer

Home Uncategorized SSL release new multi-character compressor, Blitzer

Solid State Logic is one of the most prominent companies within the realm of music production. The introduction of their analog mixing consoles had a significant impact on most professional productions until this day. Over the years, these mixing consoles found daylight in more compact versions and even digital versions which are more accessible to a broader audience. Their latest announcement is a new digital tool, available in the Complete subscription bundle. We want you to meet the SSL Blitzer, a multi-character compressor.


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Blitzer is a small hardware-inspired compressor including familiar features you can catch at first sight but holds onto an arsenal of new possibilities. As usual, you’ll find the most common features in there such as the in/output volume, ratio, attack, release, auto gain, undo, redo, A/B, and a classic on/off button. These speak for themselves, but SSL turned this compressor into a saturation compressor. Add color to your track by dialing in subtle harmonics (up to clipping), using the drive knob. This feature can be perfectly used once setting the ratio to 1:1, this will allow you to add warmth to your sound source without applying any compression. The included ratio ranges from 1:1 all the way up to a brick wall limitation ceiling, 20:1. The knee of this ratio is inspired by the famous classic limiting amplifier, ‘1176’, and the ‘Teletronix LA-2A’ leveling amplifier. A total of 10 compression curves, across 10 ratios are included. A fresh transient knob has been implemented as well, in order to dial in the transients you’re losing during compression. The BLITZ! mode button adds a combination of brick wall limiting and decay to your sounds. This feature does a good job on live drum recordings. The detection sidechain bar gives you the option to use a high pass filter to remove unwanted low frequencies and the option to tame harsh frequencies while using the frequency, Q, and gain buttons. Enable the headphone feature to isolate the frequency range you’re working on. Last but not least, you can use the MIX percentage dial to use parallel compression. As always, SSL included a range of suitable presets for any occasion.

SSL Blitzer is compatible with native Apple silicon M1/ARM with Universal 2 binary and can be used for Windows & Mac. This plugin is only available once signing up for the SSL Complete bundle subscription, which you can find here. Up to January 28, 2023, you can get 1 month of free trial but after that, you’ll have to pay $24.99/month.

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Image credits: SSL.com

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