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SSL introduces new precision gate processor X-Gate

SSL just launched the X-Gate, making it the fourth new plugin in the SSL Complete bundle. SSL (short for Solid State Logic) originated in Oxford and has a high reputation for the analog gear and consoles they make, which shaped whole eras in music. Nowadays SSL is also adding plugins to their repertoire and continues to deliver musicians and content creators a great sound and the taste of the SSL sound.


The SSL X-Gate plugin looks very dynamic and has a sharp and clean-looking control area. SSL stated that with the new mid/side processing of the Gate and its advanced workflow, the X-Gate is the powerhouse for instruments, drums, vocals, etc. X-Gate also features surgical gating that has SSL’s advanced workflow in-built, making it perfect not only for mixing music, but also for broadcasting, audio restorations, and sound sculpting.


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On the plugin itself you can directly see the visual aligned graph for waveforms, and the gain reduction meter for better control while processing. Also, there’s a rolling waveform visualization that helps you to set just the perfect threshold for your gate. For more enhanced performance, the SSL X-Gate features a high and low pass filter and an expander to adjust the knee, which gives you the option to get a very transparent gating effect. The most important feature of the plugin is the Mid/Side processing. This allows you to shape sounds in a very specific and controlled way and you won’t lose the dynamics of the processed audio signals.


All in all the SSL X-Gate is the powerhouse gate and a great addition to the SSL Complete bundle. It delivers everything you want in a gate plugin and is even compatible with the new M1 chip by Apple. This makes it even more interesting and prepared for the future. SSL X-Gate is currently available on an introductory offer for $89. The usual price of the plugin is $129.00.


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Image credits: SSL