Steinberg HALion 7

Steinberg releases the new HALion 7 software instrument

Steinberg is mostly known because of their one-of-a-kind music production software, Cubase. Besides that, they offer a range of digital instruments, interfaces, software, apps, and bundles. The company announced a new version of their well-known HALion instrument and we’re excited to tell you all about the new additions. Expect a new spectral zone, new effects, and improvements in synthesis. Down below you’ll find a list of the most important added features in the new Steinberg HALion 7.


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  • FM Zone

A completely new FM synthesis area has been added to the instrument. This addition is established by a corporation together with Yamaha, so expect the same powerful result that you are used to from the famous musical instrument manufacturer. You have the freedom to enable up to 8 operators that can be exploited as carriers and routed through different feedback loops. This FM zone is completely relying on the implemented Algorithm Finder. This algorithm gives you the freedom to create anything you’re wishing for. To top it off, HALion completely supports importing files of DX7 and TX81Z SYX.


  • Spectral Oscillator

The spectral oscillator holds onto a renewed synthesis algorithm, a new time stretch, and a new FFT view that gives you the right information about the spectrum. Not only is it possible to create new sounds out of existing ones but it’s also possible to set different real-time playback speeds without affecting the pitch. You can enjoy the improvement to its fullest when using the spectral filter, inharmonicity, purity, and formant shift.


  • New Modulation concept

A new visualization feature makes sure you have a clear overview of what’s going on in the modulation section. You can link sources by dragging and dropping. The new modulation rows allow you to assign a new modulation to the right parameter. Start to modulate any part of the sound you want. All of these improvements are implemented in order to create a faster workflow for the user.


  • Shaper Envelope

A new brush, eraser tool, and pen are added to the envelope. From now on, you can freely shape the envelope the way you want to. A range of envelope presets are included but you can also save and load up your self-made presets. All of the presets are synchronized to the main BPM so you can benefit from the luxury of immediately hearing what the LFO does.


  • New X-LFO

The new X-LFO adds another dimension to the movement of the sound. Modulate any parameters that are included in the wavetable, FM, Spectral Zone, and Granular Zone. Sync it to the right BPM and choose different retrigger modes. Control the phases X and Y separately or choose to randomize them. Pick your favorite waveform per phase and decide how they are reacting.


  • New Effects

There are a total of 10 new effects included, ranging from equalizers and delays to phasers and amps. Included within are Bass Amp, Studio EQ 24, Bass Tape Ducking Delay, DI Driver, Bass Overdrive, Bass Octaver, Bass Chorus, Bass Envelope Filter, Bass Phaser, and Clipper.

Furthermore, there are some other new features included that are listed down below:

  • Updated interface
  • Advanced Wavetable Synthesis
  • Decomposition
  • Redesigned MediaBay 
  • Oscilloscope module
  • Importing impulse responses
  • Macro Page Editor
  • Chord Export
  • New Mixer
  • SVG import and color editing
  • Improved program tree 
  • Native Apple silicon support

The Steinberg HALion 7 is available as a full version or as an update from previous HALion versions.

  • Full version – €349,-
  • Update from HALion 6 – €99,99
  • Update from HALion 3,4,5 – €199,-

Have a closer look at the plugin down below:

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