Superbooth 2022

Superbooth 2022: Most exciting announcements from the conference

Superbooth is a world-famous, Berlin-based, tradeshow for analog synthesizers. Over the years this tradeshow is considered to be a meeting point for everyone interested in analog gear. This exposition displays the newest music technology through live radio, product presentations, and its mini-festival.


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Superbooth 2022 took place from 12-14 May at the FEZ-Berlin. This year’s edition witnessed exhibitions from Ableton, ADAM Audio, Arturia, IK Multimedia, and MOOG music to name a few. We’ve made a small list of the most exciting announcements from this year’s Superbooth down below.


  • IK Multimedia’s Uno Synth Pro limited edition

The revival of the Uno Synth Pro is displayed as a limited edition version of the original one. Everything remained the same such as the 3 oscillators, noise generator, hard sync, FM, ring modulation, etc. Its black/white layout is now changed into a totally black version. You can get the IK Multimedia Uno Synth Pro Black Edition for $350.



  • Teenage Engineering OP-1 field

The OP-1 field is a renewed version of the original world-famous OP-1 synthesizer. This portable synth has a new color palette, aluminum case, floating keyboard, 24hr-battery life, Bluetooth MIDI, a new reverb, a new speaker system, and much more. Teenage Engineering: ‘It’s louder, thinner, and 100 times better.’ A total of 100 new features have been added. The OP-1 field is available for a price of €1999,-.



  • Oberheim OB-X8

Oberheim announced the release of the successor of the OB-X synthesizer in 2021. They combined different features and presets from the OB range and formed OB-X8. The synthesizer will be released in partnership with Focusrite. A master section, control section, modulation panel, oscillator section, filters, volume & filter envelope, and a program section are implemented. It will be available at the end of June for a price of $4999.



  • Arturia V Collection 9

Arturia announced the 9th bundle of their V Collection, including a total of 32 instruments. The CS-80 V4, Prophet-5 V, Prophet-VS V, and the Piano V3 instruments are rebuilt and improved whereas the KORG MS-20 V, SQ80 V, Augmented STRINGS, and Augmented VOICES are added as 4 new instruments. This bundle holds up to a range of highly appreciated synthesizers and keyboards.



  • Elektron Syntakt

This hybrid groovebox is Elektron’s latest development. This synthesizer & drum computer is capable of creating melodies, percussions, and bass sounds. A range of promising features has been added in order to improve workflow and performance. Get your hands on a portable tool that combines synthesis together with Elektron’s typical sound design.



  • Dreadbox’s Dysmetria 

Dysmetria is an analog groove synthesizer made by Dreadbox. Use this synthesizer as a desktop or as an addition to your Eurorack, for creating basslines and rhythms. This device features a VC-controlled mixer, noise generator, 2 oscillators, a VC-controlled FM section, 2 decay envelopes, and 2 pole filters (including low-pass and band-pass outputs).



  • Bitwig Studio 4.3

Bitwig updated its software to the latest version, 4.3. A convolution device has been added including a broad range of space effects. Delay+ is the new delay tool that comes with a blur and ducking control feature. You’ll be able to control the delay effect when louder parts are present. Furthermore, they’ve added new modules for its sonic playground, The Grid, and its Polymer modular synth.




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