Superbooth 2023: SoundForce announces Chorus 6 and UChorus 6 Modules

SoundForce, the Dutch-based synthesizer manufacturer, has just announced the release of two new products in their Juno line: the Chorus 6 and UChorus 6 modules. Announced at the 2023 Superbooth expo; these new modules are the latest and final additions to the SoundForce Juno line of modules, which aim to bring the iconic sound of the Roland Juno synthesizers to the Eurorack format.


The Chorus 6 is a six-voice chorus module that emulates the classic chorus effect found in the Juno-60 and Juno-106 synthesizers, while also adding modern features such as stereo operation and CV control over parameters (Time, Rate, Depth, Mix, Range, and LFO Wave). The Chorus 6 will launch in June of 2023. The UChorus 6, on the other hand, is a micro version of the Chorus 6 module, designed for those who need a more compact solution. It features the same six-voice chorus effect, but in a smaller form factor and with fewer controls. The UChorus 6 will launch in July of 2023.Both modules feature high-quality components, such as Panasonic capacitors and Burr Brown op-amps, ensuring pristine audio quality and reliable performance.The Chorus 6 and UChorus 6 modules are compatible with the Eurorack format, making them easy to integrate into any modular synthesizer setup. SoundForce has a reputation for creating modules that capture the essence of classic synthesizers while also adding modern features and functionality.


The Juno line of modules has been a popular choice among Eurorack enthusiasts, with the Juno-6 filter and Juno-60 chorus modules receiving high praise for their accuracy and sound quality. With the release of the Chorus 6 and UChorus 6 modules, SoundForce has rounded off their Juno line with two exceptional chorus effects, giving Eurorack users even more options for creating lush, dreamy sounds.


Learn more about the SoundForce Chorus 6 and UChorus 6 via the SoundForce website!


Image credit: SoundForce

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