Synclavier Regen

Synclavier Regen represents new desktop synth with additive synthesis and samples

Synclavier has introduced a brand new and very powerful new desktop synthesizer recently at Synthplex 2022.  The exciting new hardware offers users a wide variety of sounds and recording options to help ensure creators achieve the sound and feel they envision in their mind.

With roots dating back to 1976, the Synclavier brand has always been focused on ensuring musicians have access to the highest quality synthesizers and digital audio.  While the companies long history was primarily focused on hardware, recent history has seen Synclavier turn its attention to the digital world, creating high level plug-ins and the powerful Synclsvier Go! app for iOS.  After great success in the digital realm, Synclavier has decided to return to the physical hardware realm and the new Regen desktop synth is a powerful tool for producers to add to their collection.  Offering a powerful additive and subtractive synthesis, the additive additive element offers control of 24 harmonies while the subtractive side is ideal for “super saws, PCM square waves, and noise generation, or even using your own samples for carrier waveform.”  Beyond that, the Regen is loaded up with hundreds of samples and presets to help inspire and offer limitless sound design functions for producers.  Offering “over 250 timbre presets” as well as “2 exclusive sample libraries with over 300 new samples and one mega library with over 700 original samples from the NED era.”


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From there, the Regen allows for up to 12 partials with different sound generators, as well as “velocity, pressure, mod wheel, and of course, keyboard,” to help further create new and unique sounds while creating.  As for its inputs and connections, it also offers 4 USB ports for keyboard connections, balanced studio-quality +4 dBu XLR outputs, unbalanced TRS 1/4″ outputs and functions with touch sliders as well as a big OLED screen.  It makes for a modern and very powerful synthesizer, allowing for endless creation and mix options.  View the full technical specifications and preorder the Synclavier Regen here before its January release.

Image credit: Synclavier

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