Technics EAH-AZ80

Technics launches new and improved wireless earbuds

As a leader in audio technology and home consumer products, Technics is always looking to build upon its incredible line of products and offer users an enhanced listening experience while upholding their high standards of product development.  With the increased use of wireless earbuds amongst listeners, both for digesting music as well as making phone calls, and engaging in other hands-free activities, the company is launching two new styles of earbuds into the market.

With the release of both the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 earbuds, Technics is continuing to improve upon its already popular designs while looking to focus on the elements that users value most.  When choosing an earbud, sound quality is of course a high priority and the company is leaning on its 55 years of industry experience when it designed its latest 10mm, free-edge aluminum diaphragm.  To ensure crisp dynamics of all sonic ranges, the earbuds are crafted with a unique acoustic box design that helps provide a smooth, balanced audio experience.  For most listeners, a strong noise-canceling element can be as critical as a clear audio experience, as users often utilize their earbuds in all types of environments.  To achieve this, Technics has developed its own proprietary Dual Hybrid Noise Cancelling Technology that relies upon a digital software filter and feedforward mic to help suppress external noises.

While the sound quality is obviously the focus of Technics, the company recognizes that users expect even more from modern earbuds and have loaded the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 with some of the latest features.  For one, they can connect to up to three devices via Bluetooth, helping those on the go quickly manage their time and schedules.  Also, they are injected with JustMyVoice™ technology, a unique feature that helps focus on a user’s voice when in crowded areas or even on a windy day, helping to deliver a clearer signal while on the phone.  Both models also include long battery life, as well as single earbud use and the ability to quickly adjust settings via the Technics Audio Connect App.

Both the EAH-AZ80 and EAH-AZ60M2 models are available for purchase now.


Image Credit: Technics

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