CHD-4 Front By Hjärtebarnsfonden

Teenage Engineering CHD-4 turns heartbeats into rhythmic sounds

Audiovisual artist Love Hultén has teamed up with Teenage Engineering to deliver a one of a kind drum machine: the CHD-4.

The Swedish craftsman and Teenage Engineering have created a drum machine with an arrhythmic beat to promote awareness of congenital heart disease. The CHD-4 is a modular synth with a sequencer that was built based on electrocardiogram (ECG) scans of four kids with heart abnormalities- Liv, Janiyah, Vincent, and Wega. The ECG of every child has been decoded to a sequencer, which has produced distinctive patterns based on each child’s unique form, rate, and BPM. Each sequence, or “pulse,” can be used individually or in combination to generate a variety of sounds. It can also be manually offset with respect to the others to further explore the soundscapes and produce sounds that accurately represent each child’s erratic heartbeat.

Speaking about the project, Love Hultén added:

“Drum machines are defined by order – beats, pace, and rhythm. This machine disrupts that system, the same way life is disrupted when a child is born with congenital heart disease. Transforming these tiny broken hearts into sound was a truly heartfelt experience. I sincerely hope the machine ends up with someone who will cherish the craft and purpose and that the auction generates a sizable donation to the cause.”

CHD-4 Side By Hjärtebarnsfonden

The instrument was placed up for sale on Valentine’s Day through Stockholms Auktionsverk to generate money for the Swedish Heartchild Foundation, a charity that aids kids with congenital heart conditions. The auction will continue through February 28.

A digital version of the drum machine is available online courtesy of Plan8. Head over to to find more information.


Image credit: Hjärtebarnsfonden (press release)

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