Teenage Engineering line module An OP-Z add-on perfect for playing live

Teenage Engineering line module: An OP-Z add-on perfect for playing live

Teenage Engineering has introduced a new accessory for their popular OP-Z synthesizer/sequencer in the shape of the simply named line module. A small green unit with an appearance not unlike that of the rumble or OP lab module, the line has the somewhat self-explanatory purpose of allowing you to route external audio signals in and out of your OP-Z unit.


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The line module gives you a stereo line input as well as an additional stereo line out, along with adding input and output for midi, trig, and po sync. It’s definitely not the sexiest accessory or add-on, but the way it expands the horizons on an OP-Z makes it probably the most vital one available for this particular synth. It’s nothing short of revolutionary for the instrument, allowing it to be operated using external controllers, set up effects loops using external units (ex. guitar pedals), separate tracks into an external mixer, and switch between mono and stereo signals. Line module gives you everything you need to take your OP-Z on stage, making an already powerful little synth into a seriously versatile option for live performance. It’s a bona fide game-changer.


The Teenage Engineering line module for the OP-Z synth retails at $149 on the company’s website– as of the time of writing (only a few days after the product’s release), the module has sold out! You can sign up to be notified when more are in stock (if they aren’t back by the time you check), and if the initial popularity is anything to go by, you’ll definitely need to keep your eyes peeled to get your hands on one!


Need to get a closer look at the line module before you buy? Watch the video below for more details, straight from the manufacturer.



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Image Credits: Teenage Engineering