Teenage Engineering announces new OP-1 field

The new OP-1 field is “Louder, thinner, and 100 times better”, that’s Teenage Engineering’s promise as they announce the successor of one of the most famous portable synths. In 2011 the Swedish brand brought out the first OP-1 synth and with high demand, it reached stunning prices on the second-hand market. The new OP-1 field is Teenage Engineering’s second release in the new complimentary “field” range of products, following the launch of the TX-6 mini mixer.


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To its predecessor, the new OP-1 field is a natural evolution and features now a low profile frame with a floating keyboard and an anodized aluminum frame. In addition to the new frame, you get a 4 pole audio jack input and a USB-C port. The 24 hr battery life will give you enough time to get creative on the road and a Bluetooth MIDI control is perfect for laptop producers. Especially the enhanced stereo options, such as stereo mixdowns for synths and drum to stereo tape tracks will give you a more pleasant and exciting experience while using the portable synth.


The OP-1 field also features a high-resolution and glass-covered screen to extend its accessibility. A new reverb and the “dimension” synth engine give creators a great opportunity to produce amazing sounds and you can even sample your own sounds with multiple recording formats & styles and different tape options. The new inbuilt speaker, promises to give you a great sound and bass response to enjoy your musical creations even without expensive studio monitors. In total the OP-1 field has 100 new features and connects with Teenage Engineering’s promise that its new flagship is “Louder, thinner, and 100 times better”

It is available now and is priced at 1,999 pounds.



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Image Credits: Teenage Engineering