Teenage Engineering TX-6: Mixer/audio interface in the palm of your hand

The folks at Teenage Engineering are constantly coming out with innovative new ideas- from quirky synths to futuristic speakers, they always seem to come up with something we would have never dreamed of ourselves. Their latest great big idea is actually notable for how much functionality it manages to cram into a small package- it’s a mixer/audio interface about the size of a smartphone! This is the Teenage Engineering TX-6.


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A battery-powered mixer and multi-channel audio interface, the TX-6 is, pound-for-pound, just as (if not more) powerful when compared to much larger units. It’s got a built-in tuner, digital FX synth, drum machine, and can connect to any iOS device, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. It boasts an 8 hour rechargeable battery life, 8 built-in effects (reverb, chorus, delay, freeze, tape, filter, distortion, and compression), Bluetooth, MIDI, and MFi connectivity, a customizable 12-channel audio interface, and an easy to use (all the controls you need are on the side) DJ mode! There’s so much you can do with the TX-6, and it’s all in a compact, well built unit, that just so happens to look pretty good, too.


Like just about everything teenage engineering makes, the TX-6 is effortlessly cool, combining a sleek and smooth exterior with serious and thoughtful ability on the inside. It says a lot, then, that this tiny dynamo may very well be their most impressive creation to date.


The TX-6 is now available on the company website for $1,199! Click the button below to read more about the specs and capabilities of the TX-6, and be sure to watch the video at the bottom to get a quick visual overview!


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Image credit: Teenage Engineering (Instagram)