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Tidal Live: The Future of Music Streaming?

Tidal, the high-fidelity music streaming service, rolled out a new feature that will allow users to host live DJing sessions. This feature, called Tidal Live, is designed to allow music lovers to share their passion for music with others, while also giving them the opportunity to discover new artists and genres.


With Tidal Live, users can connect their DJ equipment to Tidal’s streaming service and broadcast their live sets to their audience. This feature is ideal for hobbyist DJs or even professionals who want to showcase their skills and share their music with friends and fans.


Tidal has introduced a new feature called Live, which allows one person, known as the initiator, to control the selection of songs and track listings. The parent company, Block, has been testing this feature since December 2022 under the name “DJ,” and it is now available to all users. To use this feature, users can create a session while playing any song or playlist by selecting the Live button in the top-right corner. The session can be named and the link can be shared with friends, who can access it if they are paying subscribers. Non-subscribers can join via a free trial. The session creator’s “now playing” queue becomes part of the session, but they can edit the list to match the session’s theme. Tidal also noted that the number of listeners in a session is counted as the number of streams per song, meaning that if five people listen to a track, it is counted as five streams.


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The Tidal Live feature is not only beneficial for DJs, but also for music fans who want to discover new artists and genres. By tuning in to live DJing sessions, fans can experience the energy and excitement of live music, while also discovering new artists and genres that they may not have come across before. At present, Tidal’s social features do not include reactions or comments for users tuning into a Live session. Users can only see the number of people currently listening. However, Tidal’s CEO, Sacerdote, has mentioned that they are considering introducing features such as thumbs-up or thumbs-down reactions to the DJ’s music selections in the future.

The launch of Tidal Live is part of Tidal’s ongoing efforts to provide its users with a unique and immersive music streaming experience. The service has already distinguished itself from other music streaming services by offering high-fidelity audio quality and exclusive content from some of the world’s top artists.


Tidal’s focus on quality and exclusivity has helped it to build a loyal fan base of music lovers who appreciate the service’s commitment to providing the best possible music streaming experience. With the launch of Tidal Live, the service is set to further cement its reputation as a leading provider of high-quality music streaming services.


In conclusion, Tidal’s new live feature is a game-changer for DJs and music fans alike. By providing a platform for live DJing sessions and curated playlists, Tidal is giving music lovers the opportunity to discover new artists and genres, while also showcasing the talents of DJs from around the world. Tidal’s commitment to quality and exclusivity has helped it to establish itself as a leading music streaming service, and the launch of Tidal Connect is sure to further enhance its reputation in the industry.


This feature is available for both HiFi ($9.99 per month) and HiFi Plus ($19.99 per month) subscribers.


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