Toolroom Academy Infinite

Toolroom Academy Infinite: High-powered multi-fx plugin

You probably know Toolroom as a record label, and for good reason- they’ve become one of the preeminent names in House since their establishment in 2003, thanks in no small part to the releases of label founder Mark Knight. They’re still growing and expanding after nearly twenty years in the business, and their new direction will be sure to excite producers all over the world. That’s right- they make plugins now. Enter Toolroom Academy Infinite, a multi-effect plugin, and your new best friend.


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Designed by Toolroom founder Knight and producer James F. Reynolds, Infinite takes nine different effects (delay, crunch, LFO, reverb, white noise, filter, formant, width, and gain) and combines them into a sleek and user-friendly package. The standard view, with just one knob, allows you to cycle through a list of more than 40 expertly made presets to immediately and easily transform your sound. Looking for more control than that? No worries- go into complex mode and customize the 14 separate parameters to your heart’s content. 


Infinite, in my experience, was the perfect marriage between depth and ease of use. I loaded it into Ableton to test on a project of mine that I felt was lacking in flavor, and within minutes my mix was elevated from bland to bold. The presets are thoughtfully well-crafted and give you a variety of options to lessen your workload without compromising sound, and the effects themselves are high-quality and intuitive- I dove in without any problems, and was able to blend everything I wanted for a particular track onto one single knob! Infinite is more than useful- learn how to make it work for you, and it becomes essential.


Toolroom Academy Infinite is now available at a price of £39.99- there’s also a free trial version if you’d prefer to try it before you buy. Check out the video below for a quick intro!



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Image Credit: Toolroom Academy (press release)