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Top 10 Free EQ plugins

Every year, the biggest plugin developers come up with their newest assets. With so many plugin developers in the market, time and again we witness revolutionary and unique plugins. Some of them come at a cost that isn’t affordable by many upcoming producers across the globe. To their advantage, there are quite a few free plugins on the market that you can grab and are pretty good at doing what they are required to do. For the purpose of this article, we have compiled a list of the top 10 free EQ VST Plugins in 2022.


Top 10 FREE EQ VST Plugins in 2022




1. Warmy EP1A Tube EQ

This 1-on-1 replica of the famous Pultec EQs holds on to the tube warmth we’re all admiring. The EP1A EQ includes oversampling, resizable GUI, low cut & boost, high cut & boost, 2 high-frequency selectors, and a tube emulation mix knob. Its interface is comparable to Pultec, but it contains an extra input and output knob, a range of different presets, and an undo & redo feature. Definitely one of the best free EQ VST plugins on the market in 2022.



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2. 4U+ DynamicTilt EQ

This dynamic tilt EQ is modeled after many analog equalizers because of their character. You’ll be able to use 1 knob in order to achieve the warmth and presence of analog gear. Furthermore, this EQ includes a gain/cut (up to 24dB), variable tilt width, separate bass & treble tilt, up to 32x oversampling, low & highcut filter (6 & 12 dB/oct), and stereo/mid,side/left,right processing.



3. Blindfold EQ

Audiothing did a great job implementing analog features into this digital EQ plugin. A 4-band EQ, resizable window, and multiple presets with a randomizer are included. All of the indicators are blind, meaning there is no frequency, Q, or gain values.



4. EFEKTOR GQ3607 Graphic Equalizer

A total of 7 sliders are included functioning as bands for different frequency points. Each of these sliders, including the main level slider, can decrease or increase its frequency point by 15dB. Choose between 3 different modes: guitar, bass, and wide. Use the main button as a bypass switch.



5. SplineEQ

This linear phase equalizer holds on to some great features such as a frequency analyzer, -infinite dB to +60 dB gain range, adjustable resolution, up to 4 bands, and a range of presets. Spline will display the frequency spectrum in a colorful way, but you will find your way by using the Herz indicators at the bottom.



6. BasiQ

As the name says, it’s a basic equalizer including only 4 buttons. Boost or decrease the low, mid, and high frequencies ranging from -15 dB to +15 dB. Both mono and stereo are applicable, and you can choose 12 preset slots.



7. Blue Cat’s Triple EQ

This triple EQ includes a dual-mode (left & ride, mid & side-channel controlled independently),+- 40 dB range for each band, undo/redo, bypass, frequency response display, no latency, automatic gain compensation, multiple channels linking modes, and any sample rate is supported.



8. TDR Nova

Nova is a parallel dynamic equalizer including 4 dynamic EQ bands, and an additional high-pass & low-pass filter section. Under the hood, its processor will be functioning as a parametric eq, dynamic eq, frequency-selective compressor, multi-band compressor, and a wide-band compressor.



9. Luftikus

This is a hardware-modeled EQ that holds on to 5 frequency bands (10, 40, 160, 640 Herz), a 2.5 Khz shelf, mastering & analog modes, and a trim. Its processor goes beyond analog gear, as it allows deeper cuts and a keep-gain function to enable automatic gain compensation.



10. MEqualizer

MeldaProductions created an equalizer plugin with a clear overview and some promising features. Its display will not only display the frequency range but also indicates the different frequency areas. A total of 7 filter types can be used for each band, and tube saturation and harmonics control can be used to spice up your sounds.



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