TuneCore and Beatport

TuneCore and Beatport Join Forces to Foster EDM Talent

TuneCore is a music distribution platform that allows artists to distribute their music, and they have recently come to terms with an agreement with Beatport, which is one of the world’s most popular destinations for DJs and fans to purchase digital downloads of their favorite records. The new deal will open up the door for independent artists to begin selling their music on Beatport once it is registered with TuneCore’s website.


TuneCore has previously been a power player in the distribution game since they were founded in 2006. Since then, the New York-based company has stuck to its mission of supporting independent artists by paying over $3 billion in royalties, according to their spokesperson. With the addition of Beatport services, the two distribution giants seek to expand on this number by providing artists with another avenue to generate revenue for their brands. Robb Mcdaniels, who is the CEO of Beatport, had this to say about the partnership:

“As the number of music creators around the world continues to accelerate, enabling Tunecore’s customers to easily upload their music to Beatport is an important way for us to nurture new talent in the dance music space.”


Specifically for EDM artists, TuneCore’s alliance with Beatport will be a game changer, as dance music sales make up the majority of their business, according to TuneCore CEO, Andrea Gleeson.

“Electronic music is a top genre among TuneCore artists. Through this new partnership with Beatport, tune core is excited to offer comprehensive distribution options for our electronic artists around the world.”


The website is commonly frequented by the world’s top DJs and is often the first step in the process that delivers quality songs from someone’s budget bedroom studio to the main stage at the world’s biggest festivals and nightclubs.


TuneCore currently offers four payment plans that offer everything from social media services to networking with labels and industry professionals. Additionally, Beatport connections will be rolled out in early May as an add-on to all existing unlimited plans for an added price of $7.99 per month, which will be billed annually. For this low price, the extra exposure that will come as a result of this partnership will make the Beatport add-on an invaluable asset to anyone looking to make their music heard.


Lastly, to celebrate this partnership and the independent artists who are going to be impacted as a result, TuneCore will also be launching a Talent competition through their record label known as b: electronic. Current TuneCore subscribers will soon be allowed to submit their songs through a specially curated LabelRadar portal, around the same time that Beatport add-ons become active. Once submitted, all songs will be evaluated by a professional panel of judges that includes DJ’s, producers, and other industry professionals. After the songs are judged, winners will be chosen to receive funds that will aid their growth and career development.


Overall, the music industry has come a long way from the days of having to grind out a million unpaid sets in disgusting bars just for the slight chance of getting noticed by an industry professional. With the rise of the digital age and online distribution services such as TuneCore, there has never been a better time for independent artists to make their voices heard. Likewise, the newfound relationship with Beatport is only going to enhance this potential as it turns the page to the next chapter of music distribution.


Image credit: bobby_usa (unsplash)

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