U-He MFM2.5 update

U-He release the newest update to their MFM2 synthesizer

Plugin development company, U-He, released a new update on their ‘More Feedback Machine’ synthesizer. This digital delay tool can be used in any instance, ranging from subtle delay effects to immersive reverbs. The original MFM2 is packed with pre-processed input signals, resonant multimode filters, 4 delay lines, a clipper, 2 channel effects, 2 compressors, 4 LFOs, and a 4-slot modulation matrix. From now on, the MFM2 will take a giant leap forward as U-He added some good features.


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After 1 year of announcing the MFM 2.5 update, U-He finally released it as a free gift for existing customers. During the Superbooth 2021 show, we got the opportunity to have a look at the big update. The first big development that comes with this update is the replacement of the original 3D disk UI with a more practical design. By comparing the 2 versions side-to-side, you’ll notice that it’s a completely new plugin. The new version holds on to a more clear layout, where the focus lies on the practical aspect of synthesis. At first, the 4 main delays are now grouped into 2 separate groups. Linked to this is a new input section with gain, transient, and filter controls per group. By using the transient control, you can decide to apply the delay effect either on the whole sound, on every transient, or free of transients. U-he incorporated a new matrix, grouping the delay effects into 1 section. Define signal routing between delay lines, including 6 preset configurations, and free routing.

Besides the distortion and filter FX, they’ve also added the granular and diffuser. The granular FX will be functioning as a pitch shifter which you can sync to the song’s tempo. The diffuser FX will offer everything in between audio smear and complex reverbs. At last, they’ve added a new preset browser (including 400+ factory presets), preference page, and MIDI learn pages. Now you can create ping-pong delays, panning delays, reverbs, ambiance, granular effects, endless loops, ducked/compressed delays, and glitch effects with ease.

The MFM2 is not a standalone plugin. This update is compatible with every DAW, except Pro Tools on macOS, unfortunately. For the time being, it’s recommended to use the previous version of the plugin. Furthermore, you can get the plugin as an AUv2, VST2, VST3, and CLAP (64-bit only) on macOS and as a VST2, VST3, AAX (32-/64-bit)
CLAP (64-bit only) on Windows. This delay heaven comes at a price of €99,-.

Have a closer look at the MFM2.5 update down below:

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Image Credits: Synth Anatomy

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