Universal Audio Electra 88 Capitol Compressor

Universal Audio introduces Electra 88 and Capitol Compressor plugins

Universal Audio, or UAD, is preparing to launch two brand new plugins to help producers around the world better achieve peak sonic results and have access to quality reproductions of classic analog gear.  This latest launch will offer producers an electronic piano as well as a mastering compressor for help with clarity and finalizing mixes.

First up in this new offering from UAD is the Electra 88, a highly refined digital replica of the 1974 Rhodes Eighty-Eight Suitcase Mark 1.  Beyond the warmth and accuracy of the keyboard sounds and tone, the new instrument also comes complete with a variety of high-quality effects channels.  Whether it’s reverb, compression, modulation, or a specific microphone sound and placement, Electra 88 ensures users have the ability to craft the sound and feel they want.  For even further control, the plug-in also includes a variety of pedals and amps to help further shape the output sound, or there is a full bank of presets that are ready to be utilized for any project.  While the Electra 88 retails at $299, it is currently 50% off, at just $149 until May 31st.

Also newly released from Universal Audio is their brand new Capitol Mastering Compressor.  Designed to emulate the infamous tube CM5511 compressor, this new plugin is built with the same standards in mind that crafted the original analog hardware and were used to master entire catalogs from Capitol, Motown, Geffen, Blue Note, and Def Jam.  Built to be consistent across Capitol’s four mastering rooms, the new plugin also captures the control of the Fairchild 670 and Gates Sta‑Level tube limiters to help ensure precise dynamics.  With the focus on mastering tracks, the controls offer easy adjustments of headroom, shape, and mix, as well as comprehensive dBFS and LUFS metering and sidechain metering.  Of course, the warmth of the plugin means it is also worth exploring how it can bring to life drums, background vocals, or synths within the mix.  Like the Electra 88, the Capitol Mastering Compressor is also available at 50% off, now just $174, down from $349.

Image Credit: Universal Audio

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