OP-1 Field synthesizer

OP-1 Field synthesizer adds new vocoder feature

As you’ve probably seen in the music video of Swedish House Mafia’s massive hit ‘One’, they use a unique synthesizer to create the iconic pitch effect and the hook of the song. Besides the fact that they never used this synthesizer while creating the song, the group did a great job of introducing the company to the world: Teenage Engineering. The Stockholm-based company announced an unexpected yet interesting update to that particular instrument, the OP-1 Field version- it now has a vocoder.


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The OP-1 Field synthesizer is Teenage Engineering’s most compact version of the original synth. According to the company, this synth should be louder, thinner, and 100 times better. Technological improvements such as Bluetooth MIDI, a new speaker system, 24-hour battery life, and a new reverb effect are some of the adjustments they’ve made.

There’s a new firmware update available for the OP-1 Field synthesizer and it includes a new feature that’s unexpected but needed. A vocoder effect has been added to this update, where you can use any input source to run through the vocoder. Once installed, here, you have to follow a few steps in order to enable the vocoder effect:

  1. Press synth key
  2. Shift/select any sound slot
  3. Select any vocoder preset
  4. Shift/input key to change the input source
  5. Ready to play

As mentioned, you can use any input source such as headphones, built-in microphone, radio, USB, etc. Sing to the top of your lungs and the OP-1 Field will do the magic. Under the hood, your voice passes through a total of 20 filters. The carrier signal goes through a 7-oscillator polyphonic synth where you can adjust the wave, formants, bandwidth, and total mix.

Have a closer look at the setup down below:

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Image Credits: Musicradar.com


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