Presser by Aiden Kenway

W.A. Production introduces “Presser by Aiden Kenway” plugin

W.A. Production has released a brand-new compressor full of innovative features and controls to help producers of all levels achieve clear productions and sounds.  The newly released Presser was made in collaboration with popular YouTube producer and recreation specialist, Aiden Kenway, whose videos and tutorials have garnered him over a quarter of a million subscribers.

The powerful new plugin regularly sells for $29.90 but if you act quickly, you can get it at the introductory price of just $12!  Check out the official description from W.A. Production as they detail the excitement of working with Kenway as well as some of the key features of the new Presser plugin:

Presenting the superstar compressor plugin. With powerful controls and an intuitive interface, this exclusive artist-collaboration allows you to effortlessly fashion the dynamic range of your audio signals, whilst simultaneously adding characterful punch and presence. Presser is developed in collaboration with producer and YouTube remake legend Aiden Kenway. The plugin features signature processing chains from his productions, not only transforming dynamics, but also sculpting the character of audio. Whether you’re looking to shape transients, add bite, or glue together an entire mix, Presser has you covered, in just one plugin.

Some of the key features of the new Presser compressor include the GLUE feature, which allows the processor to act as a fast peak compressor when set to 0%, and a classic bus compressor when pushed to 100%.  It also includes a CHANNEL LINK dial that offers producers the ability to process stereo channels together or independently, offering greater control over transients.  Like all compressors, Presser offers a sidechain capability, but the difference here is that users can set the variable control anywhere from 0 to 100% or side-chain only, opening the door for creative new ways to utilize the function.

As mentioned, Presser by Aiden Kenway is available now and on sale for just $12, but the sale won’t last so head over to W.A. Production and grab a copy today.

Image credit: W.A. Production

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