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Warner Music Group and Polygon are preparing a virtual vinyl platform

As the world of web3 continues to evolve, Warner Music Group is looking to further expand its reach into the digital world as it prepares to launch a new venture in 2023 with Polygon.  The new venture is further supported by LGND.IO and will see the formation of LGND Music to deliver the assets to users.

The new platform comes after much interaction with fans and artists, as it looks to deliver a smooth experience to allow for music ownership, as well as be a platform for ticketing, platform rewards, and exclusive up-close-and-personal experiences for owners.  The excitement is clear from LGND Music CEO, Michael Rockwell:

“We are beyond thrilled to finally announce this monumental and ground-breaking partnership with Warner Music Group and Polygon.  We’ve been working for over a year to deliver the best-in-class blockchain experience for passionate music lovers all over the world, and look forward to innovative and unique content from all types of WMG artists. With the strong support of the Polygon ecosystem, LGND Music is poised to help evolve the entire music industry.”

As the venture prepares for its launch early next year, it will begin with two unique drops, one is titled Hip-Hop: 50 Years of History, and the other will be a collaboration with Spinnin’ Records.  Speaking further about the excitement of the platform is Oana Ruxandra, the Chief Digital Officer & EVP, Business Development with Warner Music Group:

“We are incredibly excited about the ways in which evolving technologies are changing and challenging the music industry. There is tremendous untapped potential for artists to interact with their fans and to monetize that fandom. And, as we continue to lean in and drive forward, WMG’s partnership with LGND and Polygon will help our artists to experiment with and build across Web3 technologies in order to grow and engage their communities.”

The LGND Music website is currently active and interested collectors can sign up now for access and get more details on the project there.


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