Warner Rhythm City

Warner Rhythm City introduces you to artists and music

The Warner Music Group partnered up together with gaming platform Roblox while creating Rhythm City. Social roleplay experiences are being held in order to introduce new users to music and artists. Because of the advance in digitization, starting through the COVID pandemic, we can appreciate these kinds of developments, especially once aiming for a younger target group. Find out what you can expect from Warner Rhythm City by having a look down below.


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Gamefam is a professional US-based video game publisher that utilizes Roblox as a platform for video game development. Exploiting the advantages of technology in order to educate and entertain a certain group of people is what this outcome is offering the world. As you’ve probably seen last year, Roblox already organized virtual performances from big artists such as David Guetta. This time you can expect performances from artists such as Twenty One Pilots and Ava Max, but Rhythm City is a special add-on to these events. Besides the social roleplay where you can dance and hang out with friends, you can access a collection of exclusive items that are being sold on Roblox and you can compete in mini-challenges. As you’re used to while playing Roblox, can choose your own job and buy a house. Start living to the fullest in this digital world.

Warner’s Chief Digital Officer, Oana Ruxandra: “As our lives become increasingly digital, exciting opportunities are opening up for artists and fans to engage and interact.”

Of course, you can’t expect that these events are coming close to the adrenaline rush and experience of a real event, but it’s a great way to attend something special while playing your favorite game.

Attend these concerts across Android, iOS, Mac, Windows PC, and Xbox One. Click here to have a look at Warner Rhythm City.

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