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Waves Black Friday Deals on Plugins 2022

Every year, Waves is coming in hot this time of the year. A time when the best deals are being offered to you. Waves Black Friday sale is live now and their plugins, including equalizers, compressors, limiters, imagers, reverbs, delays, and much more are currently for sale after a maximum of 88% discount. As icing on the cake, you’ll receive 1 free plugin if you spend over $50, 2 free plugins if you spend over $60, and 4 free plugins if you spend over $100. Add your favorite products to your cart in order to see instant savings. Down below you’ll find our best Black Friday deals on plugins by Waves. Also, don’t forget to check out our dedicated Black Friday landing page where we list the best Black Friday deals on plugins, sample packs, bundles, presets, & courses.


Waves Black Friday Deals on Plugins of 2022


1. Waves Platinum Bundle ($199 

2. Horizon Bundle ($274 

3. Waves Harmony Plugin ($29 

4. Waves Tune Real-Time ($29 $199)

5. Renaissance Maxx ($59 

6. Clarity Vx ($29 

7. Vocal Rider plugin ($29 

8. Clarity Vx Pro ($199 

9. Waves Diamond Bundle ($248 

10. CLA Vocals ($29 

11. SSL G-Master Buss compressor ($29 


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1. Waves Platinum Bundle

  • Includes 60 industry-standard audio plugins
  • Includes L2 Ultramaximizer, PuigTec Eqs, H-delay & more

Price: $199 


2. Waves Horizon bundle

  • 83 audio plugins for music production professionals
  • precise models of vintage EQs and compressors, effects, mastering tools and more
  • Includes CLA Classic Compressors, Kramer Tape, Tubes & Transistors, JJP Analog Legends, L3-16 Multimaximizer, V-Series, H-Delay, H-Comp, Vocal Rider and more

Price: $274 



3. Waves Harmony Plugin

  • Real-Time Vocal Harmony Playground
  • Create instant vocal harmonies—up to 8 voices generated from a single voice
  • pitch, formant, panning, delay, filtering controls

Price: $29 



4. Waves Tune Real-Time

  • Automatically tunes vocals in real time
  • Ultra-low latency for instant response
  • Optimized for both studio and live settings
  • Advanced formant correction to retain natural vocal sound

Price: $29 $199



5. Renaissance Maxx Bundle

  • 10 classic plugins: compression, EQ, reverb, bass enhancement, de-essing, pitch correction, vocal dynamics processing, and more
  • The warmth of analog gear, the precision of digital control
  • Hundreds of presets

Price: $59 



6. Clarity Vx

  • Extremely high-fidelity noise reduction for vocals
  • Lightning-fast results – clean vocals with one knob
  • Mono/Stereo width control
  • Simple to use

Price: $29 


7. Vocal Rider

  • Keep steady vocal & dialog levels automatically
  • Save time by automating the vocal riding part of the mixing process
  • Write the automatic riding to an automation track for fine-tuning
  • no latency and no pre-scan needed’

Price: $29 



8. Clarity Vx Pro 

  • Advanced Real-Time Noise Reduction for Voice
  • Real-time with full automation – game changer for post-production
  • Edit & mix dialogue in context
  • Ambience Keeping – can remove the voice from background noise

Price: $199 


9. Diamond Bundle

  • 76 audio mixing and mastering plugins
  • Includes vintage hardware models, compressors, equalizers, delays, reverbs, harmonic enhancement, bass enhancement and much more

Price: $248 



10. CLA Vocals

  • All-in-one multi-effect vocal plugin
  • Created in collaboration with Grammy®-winning mixing engineer Chris Lord-Alge
  • 8 sliders are included at which you can control the input, bass, treble, compressor, reverb, delay, pitch, and output

Price: $29 



11. SSL G-Master Buss Compressor

  • Perfect for tightening up final mixes
  • Includes presets from GRAMMY®-winning mixer Chris Lord-Alge
  • Mix control for easy parallel compression
  • Trim control for quick-level adjustment

Price: $29 





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