Waves unveils latest Magma plug-in, Tube Channel Strip

As an industry leader in plug-in creation and music production sound design, Waves is continuing to push the envelope for the quality and accuracy of its line of production tools.  Now the software giant is expanding its collection of tube valve products released under the Magma umbrella of plug-ins.

Like previous products released under the Magma umbrella, the new Tube Channel Strip is calibrated with the same quality and attention to detail as the rest of the releases in the series.  The new Tube Channel Strip is crafted with ease of use in mind, featuring an interface that is not overcrowded with knobs and switches, but rather allows producers and engineers to quickly navigate through the Drive, EQ, or Dynamics setting of the plug-in and make an impact on the sound immediately.  Just see what Dave Darlington, composer, recording, mixing & mastering engineer associated with the likes of David Guetta, Avicii, Sting, and others had to say about it:

Need warmth and clarity at the same time? The Magma Channel does exactly that. It has EQ at the sweetest musical points, tube dynamics that can caress or hammer, and a drive control that adds the right amount of tube saturation we all crave.

The three distinct processing features of the plug-in each offer powerful processing to any sound running through it.  The Drive saturation allows for subtle-harmonic adjustments all the way to full-on, in-your-face production saturation that jumps through the speakers.  Next, the 3-band EQ provides a High and Low shelf function, as well as Mid wide bell knob that gives producers the ability to control frequencies with ease while trusting their ears instead of numbers and graphs.  Finally, the Dynamic section offers a full range of compression with the turn of a single knob.  The section also features an expander/gate for tighter focus and clarity as well as SMASH button for extra explosiveness through the compressor.

Check out the newly released Magma Tube Channel Strip on sale through the Waves website for just $29.99!


Image credit: Waves

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