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Waves Nx Germano Studios New York: Hit factory-inspired monitoring plug-in

Germano Studios in New York City has made quite a bit of history since it opened its doors as the Hit Factory back in 1969- massive names from Nas to the Rolling Stones have recorded there; 23 RIAA certified diamond records have passed through it’s halls; 9 of its albums have won the Grammy for album of the year. It’s an absolutely legendary studio, and now you can get the same acoustics behind so many great records without having to make the trip to the big apple. This is the Waves Nx Germano Studios New York.


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A monitoring plug-in that recreates Germano Studios’ world-famous acoustics, this amazing new tool from Waves is sure to give you a better mix every time. It’s the latest offering in Waves’ Nx line of similar plugins, a series that includes software that has featured such world-renowned studios as Abbey Road, Ocean Way Nashville, and Chris Lord-Alge’s Mix Los Angeles. Made in conjunction with the actual Germano Studios, the plug-in itself amounts to a precision model of the real Studio 1 control room! Enabling you to check your mixes on 3 sets of custom audio monitors (Exigy S412G, NS10, or Germano Acoustics A2s), Nx Germano Studios gives you a better reference for mix depth, panning, reverb, and low-end response.


Great artists from every genre imaginable found themselves enamored by the incredible acoustics of the Hit Factory. It doesn’t matter what type of electronic music you produce; regardless of whether you’re looking to make something underground or more pop-oriented, this plug-in is a phenomenal option to make your mixes stand out more every single time.


The Waves Nx Germano Studios New York is available from the official Waves site, where it typically retails for $199. Be sure to watch the video below if you’re looking to see it in action before you buy!



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Image Credit: Waves