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Waves sale with 50% off on Plugins is live now

Israel-based company Waves has introduced us to many great plugins and analog modeled versions of studio classics. Highly renowned and used by every industry professional, their best selling point is the low prices they charge for such high-quality plugins. The bargains are even greater now that Waves has started a new sale- you can get 100 industry favorites for 50% off by using code HALF and even get up to 3 Free plugins when you spend 120 dollars or more.

Here are some of our favorites:

Analog Modeled: [Use code HALF to avail 50% off on listed prices]

  1. SSL G Master Bus Compressor: 39,99 dollars
  2. J37 Tape Machine: 35,99 dollars 
  3. CLA 76 Compressor/Limiter: 29,99 dollars 
  4. CLA 2A Compressor/Limiter: 35,99 dollars 
  5. SSL E Channel: 35,99 dollars 

Effect / Mixing plugins:

  1. Waves Harmony: 39,99 dollars
  2. C6 Multiband Compressor: 35,99 dollars
  3. S1 Stereo Imager: 29,99 dollars
  4. Vitamin Sonic Enhancer: 29,99 dollars 


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1. SSL G Master Bus Compressor

One of the most iconic compressors ever made and an immense enhancement for your productions. Use it for Drums, Synths, Kicks, Basses etc.



2. J37 Tape Machine

The tape machine on countless records, the J37 makes every song shine. A must have for mixing and mastering, available at a great price.


3. CLA 76 Compressor/Limiter

Chris Lorde-Alge continues his long relationship with Waves, modeling the CLA 76 compressor/limiter together to great effect.

4. CLA 2A Compressor/Limiter

The renowned L2A2 is here in Waves’ expertly modeled version; great for all sorts of mixing situations.


5. SSL E Channel

Probably you have seen this one around in multiple mixing masterclasses and yes its a channel made after an actual SSL Console. This plugins is gold when it comes to drum mixing and vocal mixing.



Effect / Mixing plugins:

1. Waves Harmony

The plugin that helps you to make great harmonies and amazing vocal effects all in one plugin. Its great to place it just in your projects and play around with it.



2. C6 Multiband Compressor

Just a great compressor for every situation and for every mixing instance and even great to use it on a master bus.



3. S1 Stereo Imager: 29,99 dollars (129 dollars)

If you are searching for a stereo imager that does the job and even comes with Left/Right and Mid/Side effects the S1 Stereo Imager is the one for you.



4. Vitamin Sonic Enhancer: 29,99 dollars (249 dollars)

A secret for every producer and mixing engineer is the Vitamin Sonic Enhancer, its just great and delivers you saturation, compression, enhancement and stereo imaging in one plugin.


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Image / video credits: Waves