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Best Waves VST Plugins for Music Producers and Audio Engineers

Waves has been in the music production space for more than 3 decades and in this duration has garnered support from some of the World’s most renowned musicians and audio engineers. Their VST plugins are the backbone of many industry heavyweights catering to the sheer quality they provide and that too at an affordable price. Their catalog of plugins is huge and you’ll pretty much find an option for every use case. Shortlisting from all Waves plugins currently out there in the market we have prepared a list of the Top 10 Waves VST Plugins in 2023.


Top 10 Waves VST Plugins in 2023


1. Waves Tune Real-Time [Autotune VST]

Waves Tune Real-Time is an autotune vst plugin and is able to do vocal pitch correction in real-time. There are many plugins out there that provide real time pitch correction however only a few get close to the smoothness Waves Tune Real-Time delivers. There are plenty of artists who use this plugin during their live performances as well. The plugin as mentioned has very low latency and is pretty light on the CPU as well. On top of all this, you can also perform advanced formant correction, correct vibrato, program/play pitch correction via MIDI, and more. Definitely one of the best vocal tuning plugins in 2023. Waves Tune is currently priced at $29.99


2. OVox Vocal ReSynthesis [Vocal Processing VST]

Another vocal processing vst plugin in the list. With OVox you can do much more than just tuning vocals. Vocal morphing, tuning, harmonizing, vocoder & talkbox effects and beyond, with depth, clarity, and intuitive control are all possible within this beast of a plugin. It also comes in with over a hundred presets that can assist you in achieving what you want within a matter of few minutes. Included within are:

  • Voice-controlled synth and vocal FX processor
  • Innovative pitch/tune, harmonizer & arpeggiation FX
  • Classic vocoder & talkbox FX
  • Built-in 8-voice synth with dual high-resolution engines
  • 9 customizable LFOs/Sequencer, ADSR, and ORS modulators
  • 6 modulatable FX: AutoPan, Chorus, Comp, Delay, Distortion, Reverb
  • Fully modulatable 4-band EQ

The plugin is priced at $29.99.


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3. Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain [Mastering VST]

Mastering is a very tough skill to wrap your head around. Its an essential skill that will help you in making your tracks fit for digital streaming or playing live. Abbey Road TG Mastering Chain is modeled after the EMI TG12410 Transfer Console used in all Abbey Road’s mastering suites since the early ’70s to this day. The mastering chain has been used on Pink Floyd’s The Dark Side of the Moon, Nirvana’s In Utero, Radiohead’s OK Computer, and Ed Sheeran’s “+”. The chain has 5 modules that can be used independently. The modules are:

  • Input Module
  • Tone Module (EQ)
  • Compressor/Limiter Module
  • Filter Module
  • V.A.L (Spread) Module (stereo component only) incorporated into the Output Module.

The plugin is priced at $29.99 only.



4. SSL G Master Buss Compressor [Compressor VST]

As the name suggests, SSL G Bus Compressor is a mastering VST plugin. It captures the essence of the original’s IC input and twin VCA gain-reduction amplifier design. Extremely useful for gluing different components of your track together. It contains all the necessary features you would expect from a compressor such as threshold, attack, ratio, and more. The plugin comes in loaded with presets from the legendary Chris Lord Alge.



5. Clarity Vx [Audio processing VST]

Clarity Vx is another vocal processing VST plugin from Waves. It is an AI Noise Removal for Vocals. Background noise is a big issue as you might incur some unwanted audio information in your recordings time and again and they affect the clarity of the mix. The plugin is fairly very easy to use and only has a few options to play around with. The results of the AI Noise removal are pretty astounding. Definitely, a must-have if you are a recording engineer or incorporate a lot of recorded elements in your production. It’s currently priced at $29.99



6. Vocal Rider [Vocal processing VST]

Its quite a headache to ensure your vocals are properly volume automated to compensate for the natural variations in the take. Vocal Rider makes this task so much easier. All you need to do is set the target range of the vocal level in relation to the rest of the mix. Rest all of the tasks is taken care of by the plugin. It will intelligently automate the volume to compensate for all the variations. It adds no coloring to the recording and does perfectly what its supposed to do. Available at a price of only $29.99.



7. J37 Tape [Analog Saturation VST]

As the complete music industry is moving towards a very software-heavy toolkit, the demand for analog character has increased. Producers have been creatively looking for new ways to incorporate the analog texture via software plugins. J37 tape is a 37 tape saturation plugin. The features in the plugin include Tape Speed, Bias, Noise, Saturation, Wow and Flutter, the Waves etc. The plugin features a Tape Delay as well that includes three different delay types, Sync, LP and HP filter controls, and more.

8. H-Delay Hybrid Delay [Delay VST]

This delay plugin from Waves is a hybrid delay plugin and comes in with a lot of features to play around with. To start off, the interface of this plugin is really good, and its quite convenient as well. The VST is able to deliver M42-style effects like filtering, flanging, and phasing, to slap-back echo, ping-pong delay, and tempo-sync with modulation. The most interesting feature of H-delay is its ability to add analog and LoFi characters to your sounds. The H-delay is also listed in our Best Delay Plugins roundup.



9. F6 Floating-Band Dynamic EQ [EQ VST]

Dynamic EQs have become the new standard in the equalization process. The F6 is Waves’ take on the subject and it does a pretty good job at what its supposed to do. The plugin comes in with 6 floating, fully-adjustable parametric filter bands, advanced EQ and compression/expansion controls per band, mid-side processing options, a real-time frequency spectrum analyzer, and more. The plugin is very light on the CPU and adds almost no latency to your DAW. Priced at the standard Waves price of $29.99


10. Renaissance Vox [Vocal Processing VST]

R-Vox is a vocal compressor and is definitely one of the best for this purpose in 2023. The interface is very minimal containing only 3 controls for gating, compression, and output gain. R-Vox contains a Soft-knee compressor with auto make-up gain and a gentle downward expander for noise-gating. The VST also has plenty of presets to play around with. Priced at $29.99.


That’s all for this list of Top 10 Waves VST Plugins in 2023. Make sure to check out our other roundup articles here.


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