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XLN Audio Black Friday 2022 Sale

That euphoric moment when you realize that a song has its own heartbeat, and personality is what a producer lives for. A song that only exists in this world because of you. This feeling is the reason why XLN Audio started to develop virtual instruments. Providing you all the tools you need to lay down your ideas into a song. If you are a professional songwriter or just a beginner, XLN Audio Black Friday 2022 Sale offers you a range of the fastest, most creative, and most inspiring plugins up to a 50% discount. Down below is the best deals from the ongoing XLN Audio Black Friday Sale. Also make sure to check out our professionally curated Black Friday landing page where we list the best deals on plugins, sample packs, courses and more.

XLN Audio Black Friday Sale 2022: Plugins


1. XLN Audio RC-20 Retro Color Vintage Effect – $49.00

This 6-modes plugin adds life and texture to any sound through vintage distortion by the noise, wobble, distort, digital, space, and magnetic knobs. Experiment and be creative in your own way by adding the imperfections of vintage gear. This is the best-selling XLN Audio Plugin and is currently at 50% off.


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2. DS-10 Drum Shaper – $24.95 

This powerful drum tool shapes kicks, snares, and even whole mixes the way you want to. Containing 3 modes: classic, natural, and smooth to bring your sound to life. The attack feature adds more smack to the attack, the sustain feature adds more gain in your sound, and the mojo feature adds flavor and color.



3.XO – $65.00

XO helps you to organize your drum sounds in 1 plugin. Explore by scrolling through your self-made library, create by building your own beat in the sequencer, and tweak the panning, gain, and pitch of every sound.


4. Addictive Keys: Electric Grand – $39.97

The Addictive Keys collection by XLN Audio created this electric grand piano which sampled the famous sounds from the Yamaha CP-80 electric piano. Its three unique characters, such as acoustic hammers, direct line output, and the amplified output makes this plugin so special.



5.Addictive Keys: Modern Upright – $39.97

XLN Audio recorded the sound, warmth, and clarity from several famous pianos by using the following microphones: Front Ribbon Coles 4038, Back Tube Sela T25, Bottom Tube Neumann U47, and the Floor PZM Sennheiser MKE21. The modern upright piano contains the characteristics, tone, and ambiance of the Yamaha U3 upright piano.


XLN Audio Black Friday Sale 2022: Packs


1. XOpak: Oscillations – $19.00

This producer edition contains drums, rhythms, and presets. A total of 65 presets and 162 one-shots can be found within the pack. Perfectly fabricated for downtempo and tech house.


2. Addictive Drums 2: Custom XL – $162.50

Addictive Drums brought all of their finest drum sounds into 1 bundle. Tweak every sound or start from scratch to create a solid foundation. This collection is packed with mixing and sound-shaping options to transform every drum sound.


3. Addictive Drums 2: Classic Rock Collection – $79.50

This outstanding edition of AD2 is specially crafted to add extreme drums to your productions. Distorted drums, harsh hihats, and raw guitars are heavily processed to cut through your mix, and add harmonic distortion to your track.


4. Black Oyster ADpak – $39.50

With this Black Oyster drum kit, you will have every tool you need to achieve that early 60s sound made famous by Ringo and the Beatles. Included are 17 high-quality presets to get instant access to vintage and modern sound-design.


5. Black Velvet ADpak – $39.50

Black Velvet offers 30 presets covering different music styles from alternative rock to grunge. Included within are clean drum sounds, so you can tweak or shape every sound, and heavily processed drums ranging from tight and fat, loud to large, and even experimental and industrial styles.


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