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XLN Audio launch Summer Sale on XO, RC-20 Retro Color & More

XLN Audio is home to some of the most popular plugins in the music production industry. Their most popular plugins include the XO, RC-20 Retro color among many others. The ease of use and the immaculate features of the plugins is the main reason behind their massive success. In case you have been wanting to purchase any of these plugins, now might be the perfect time as XLN Audio has just launched the Summer sale on all of their VST/AU plugins including XO, RC-20 Retro Color & more. Check out the complete list of deals in the XLN Audio Summer sale down below.


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1. XO

XO takes your complete drum library(one-shots) and sorts them out on the basis of similarity. An extremely useful plugin to speed up your workflow while picking the desired drum samples. Currently available at 40% off.


2. Effects

XLN Audio has 2 effect plugins: RC-20 Retro Color & DS-10 Drum Shaper. RC-20 is a creative effect plugin that recreates the warm feeling of vintage recording equipment via saturation, distortion, and a few other effects. DS-10 Drum shaper on the other hand is an effects plugin that can be used to shape the transients and the body of your drum samples.




3. Addictive Drums 2

XLN Audio has amazing crisp drum samples for its Addictive Drums plugin. The expansion packs for Addictive Drums 2 are currently available at discounts ranging from 30-45%.


4. Instruments

XLN Audio also has a variety of keyboard instruments. All 4 of their keyboards(Electric Grand, Mark One, Modern Upright, Studio Grand) are currently on sale.


There are some more interesting deals on VST/AU plugins & bundles as part of the XLN Audio summer sale. You can check out the complete sale down below. The sale ends 31st August so make sure to grab the plugin of your choice before the discounts go away.


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