Yamaha DM3

Yamaha release small but mighty DM3 Digital Mixers

The first company to ever release a digital mixer is, unsurprisingly, still leading innovation in that particular category. Yamaha, who have been very busy as of late, have announced the compact DM3 series of digital mixers, a pair of compact devices that aren’t in the slightest bit limited by their small size.


The mixers, known as the DM3-D and DM3S, are almost identical save for a few key differences. Both of the units are 22-channel (including 16 mono, one stereo, and two stereo FX returns) with a nine-inch touchscreen, multi-purpose touch and turn knob, in-house DSP effects, 16 mic preamps, and 8 analog outputs. The DM3-D also comes endowed with a 16×16 Dante interface (hence the second D in its name) which permits it to have faster and more reliable digital connectivity.


The Yamaha DM3-D and DM3S are now available for preorder from a variety of retailers at prices of $1,999.99 and $1,699.99, respectively. It’s not yet clear when the units will start to ship, with the company stating simply that the DM3S will be out later this month with the DM3-D to follow some time in the summer. Watch the video below for a quick introduction to the latest digital mixers from Yamaha, and keep up with us at We Rave You Tech for more info on the DM3 series and all things NAMM 2023!


Image credit: Yamaha

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