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Yamaha’s new earphones aim to diminish hearing loss

Back in 1979, Sony introduced the first original walkman to the world. From that moment on, 40+ years later, billions of people have been listening to music through headphones and earphones. Hearing loss has been a big problem ever since, but Yamaha has been putting out some promising details about their new earphones.


Sound leakage and ambient noise have been the main problem for years while using earphones. The use of earphones reduces the distance between the sound source and your eardrums providing you a more personalized experience. We often tend to turn up the volume above prescribed levels to further enhance our listening experience thereby risking ourselves to ear fatigue. Yamaha tried to prevent this while using modern built-in technology. Yamaha’s newest function called ‘Listening-Care‘ includes some important details to prevent listening at higher volume, such as sound pressure & frequency balancing and automatic volume adjustments. Yamaha TW-E3B’s uses volume automation in order to adapt the frequency spectrum to its environment. Since the lower and higher frequencies are lacking when listening on lower volumes, Yamaha has a promising solution for this problem. This invention will hopefully prevent you from turning up the volume. Its earpiece will seal off your ear, preventing any noise from escaping or entering. It will be working as acoustic noise cancellation, optimizing both the sound quality and listening experience.


Yamaha offers the TW-E3B earphones in 4 different sizes in order to achieve the most comfortable fitting for your ears. Use these earphones, after charging, for 6 hours straight, or use the charging box to use them for 24 hours. They’re available in 6 different colors: purple, green, gray, blue, pink, and black. Starting September, they will be available at a price of $139.


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