Lego Drum Machine

YouTuber builds Drum Machine out of Lego

Technology is constantly evolving up to a point where we can create anything, anywhere, anytime. We don’t need expensive equipment in order to achieve the desired result or to be different in any way. A great example is Ableton’s Max for Live. Any person (with the required knowledge) can create a digital synthesizer, sampler, or effects tool back home and share it with the rest of the world. Up to this day, we’ve seen many inspiring videos of musicians/engineers creating music with every object you can imagine. Last month, a YouTuber published a video online where he explained how he build a drum machine by only using Lego. Creativity can reach far beyond our imagination.


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Brick Technology is a YouTube channel that’s posting all sorts of technical Lego creations online. Expect Lego cars climbing walls, Lego RC Car with gearbox & clutch, and even a Lego Tank shooting disks. One of his most recent videos is about how he managed to play the drums with Lego. In a 6-minute video, he will show you how this creation has been established, You can even participate in a song quiz. First, you’ll see the principle behind this project and what exactly he is trying to achieve. Then the whole building process takes off. The foundation of this project can be compared to a music box. Triggers have to be placed in the right spot if you want to replicate the rhythm of the drums. The triggers are causing a mechanical effect where piano hammer-like sticks are beating on Piezo Pickups that are connected to a sound module, that generates the drum sounds. He takes it a step further by creating an assembly line that will create the beat automatically. By changing the gearbox with a different gear ratio you can create drum patterns for any genre. It’s a fun way of showing the world that you can create music with anything as long as you’re creative enough.

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Image Credits: Brick Technology

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