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Youtuber reviews Tesla’s TRAX Music Making Software [Watch]

Tesla’s TRAX software is a basic digital audio workstation included in its 2019 Holiday software update. Adding to the vast array of entertainment options Tesla already offers (Such as Romantic, Boombox, and Light Show Modes), TRAX enables its users to compose music via a digital MIDI keyboard and a built-in selection of sounds. While the software is an attempt to entertain a general audience of casual music enthusiasts, the software won’t be winning over any musicians anytime soon. 


Benn Jordan (Musician and Youtube Educator) set out to learn what TRAX could offer professional music producers. His experiment found that the app, which shares a handful of similarities with professional-grade DAWs, certainly leaves something to be desired. Multiple tracks can be recorded as well as adjusting the project file’s overall tempo. The user can draw in MIDI notes and save their project files to the car’s hard drive. While the overall layout of the software is relatively easy to use, TRAX is plagued with instability. After just a few minutes of writing in some chords, the software crashed and left Jordan in need of finding a way to restart his car without being able to access the home screen. The sound selection is dated. Scrolling through the presets, the sounds waiver between unfavorable to unusable. Unfortunately, TRAX lacks an undo button. So in the event, you create something you find palatable, tread carefully. 


If you’re planning on writing your next musical masterpiece (Like Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk’s “Don’t Doubt Your Vibe”) using Tesla’s TRAX software, we would invite you to reconsider. Who knows, the future of car-integrated music production may look brighter one day. Today is simply not that day. 


Watch Benn Jordan’s full review of TRAX Here:

Have you ever used Tesla’s TRAX software? What do you think the future of electric car entertainment software will bring next? 


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