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After creating some of the greatest collaborations in dance music with the classics I Remember and Move for me , most fans were in jubilations when it was announced that the mau5 and Kaskade would be working together again. However, since a preview of the track Beneath with Me went up last May, there hasn’t been any word from either artist with many suspecting that the collaboration had died. Fans were delighted today to see that the track isn’t in fact dead as Kaskade posted a V.3 of the track to his Soundcloud.

Kaskade seems to have taken the track and transformed it into something much more polished and sounding like the finished product. This version of the track appears to be mainly Kaskade as deadmau5 posted on Twitter that he had no idea this version existed, we just hope that the two can combine their forces to finish this record.

Putting a more electro inspired direction on the track, Kaskade has taken the original chord progression and used it to beautiful effect in the intro to create a beautiful atmospheric opening. Creating a chaotic build up with arpeggiated synths adding to the tension in the track, we’re then treated to a hectic electro drop with some ridiculously slick sound design. The second half of the song features more of the same with an alternative second climax to the track. Skylar Grey’s vocals feature beautifully throughout and by the end we’re left begging for more.

We really can’t wait to hear the finished version of this track, you can stream V.3 below: