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Apple has decided to officially retire the iPod.  The pocket sized portable music player which debuted in October of 2001, will no be longer be manufactured by the tech giant after nearly 22 years of production. What was once a revolutionary shift in how users listened to and carried music around has been largely replaced with streaming technology and the massive

Coca-Cola has announced that it is joining forces with Tomorrowland to create a massive new in-person and digital experience for the event. The beverage supplier stated: "Togetherness, love, unity and magic – believing that we can all “feel every beat of tomorrow, today™.” The addition of the partnership with global beverage supplier Coca-Cola is set to bring a larger, more user

Bringing to life an NFT record label like no other, AlmaD and Kristen present their brand new concept that combines art and music, in the form of World Has You Records. "A label that is designed by two music lovers for music lovers," AlmaD & Kristen say: Combining art and music in the most emotive of ways, World Has You Records

Attempting to change live events forever, Snapchat and Live Nation are introducing AR to a number of events. "They help artists tell their stories and bring music to life" Snapchat states. Global social media platform Snapchat has been a staple across phones for over a decade now, allowing users to express themselves via photos and video, the company has always been

The IMS Business Report 2022 is finally out and has provided the hard numbers and fact-based statements on trends within the electronic community. While there are a plethora of keynotes from the report, an interesting trend is seeing how DJ software & hardware have a year-over-year increase of 14% leading with a valuation of $1.2bn. It is speculated that the monstrous