The pandemic has hit every aspect of the music industry extremely hard, both in person and online. One exception to this, though, is online streaming site SoundCloud. It seems that they're remaining victorious in the pandemic, and it has actually allowed them to flourish as a company as they reveal that they have had their first ever profitable quarter. The third quarter

The Federal Fiscal Court (Bundesfinanzhof) made a historic decision on October 29 in Germany, ruling that techno is indeed a genre of music, extending the tax break that only German theatres, museums and concert venues received. It is music to the club-goers' ears, as well as an enormous relief for financial managements after the revenue losses the music business had to face due

This year certainly hasn't been an easy road for Ultra Music Festival. With multiple cancellations and having to recover financially from that, there's now something else that has gone wrong. To be specific, it's a problem worth $800k. Event Entertainment Group which is Ultra's parent company, has filed a lawsuit against AG Production Services, Inc. AG is the company that builds the iconic stages for

The legendary Tower Records is back and better than ever! Founded back in 1960 in Sacramento, California, the record store had to unfortunately file for bankruptcy in 2006 and has been closed ever since then. It previously had 89 chain stores across America, and their store in Japan became iconic - but had become separate from the business back in 2002 -

WINNER TO RECORD AT AN ICONIC LA STUDIO WITH BRIAN MALOUF AND RECEIVE $10,000 CASH PRIZE Djooky Music Awards (DMA), the first global online song contest, is seeking out the most talented artists and songwriters from around the world through a global competition. The deadline for Djooky Music Awards – Autumn Season entries is November 21, at midnight (GMT). DMA is the