There is nothing quite like a live rave, but can the same experience be replicated online? Early successes in other sectors of the music industry have caught the eye of electronic music producers, who have reacted by producing live-streamed DJ sets to get partygoers raving from their living rooms. Initial reactions to these events have been so promising that some people

When the industry is faced with a challenge, it adapts and grows to overcome it. With COVID-19 though, it’s become one of the biggest challenges that the scene has had to face. Everyone is still figuring out ways to overcome it and try and see that the industry gets back on its feet once more. One of the challenges is facing

CEO of ALDA Allan Hardenberg is one of the most principal figures in the events industry. Having been fully entrenched in the industry since the 90s, the Dutch pioneer has established a far-reaching legacy, curating events that have captured the imaginations of thousands upon thousands of electronic music fans all over the globe. Alongside his co-founder David Lewis, Allan Hardenberg

We all like to watch movies and series. Each of us has our favourite genres, series, episodes, actors and even directors. It's the same with music - we have one or several favourite genres & sub-genres, a list of the most-liked artists, club venues, festivals, and labels. What if we found one, or in fact 6, connections between these two worlds?

The thrill of attending a live event or engaging with a live show virtually is enormous and can bring an unparalleled sense of immersion. The sense of connection with the entertainment on offer and the shared sense of enjoyment with others can all heighten the experience. Here we look at the most exciting elements of experiencing live events. Community  Live events can

Bookshelf speakers are meant to be mounted on a stand, placed on a shelf, table or other elevated surfaces but not on the floor. They usually go as two-way or three-way models, consisting of a tweeter and small midbass driver (or drivers). They are designed to fill small and mid-sized rooms with sound. However, some advanced models may sound powerful and