If you want a thorough understanding of how electronic music evolved over the years, you will need to read some hefty books, as there are so many nuances and branches to cover. In the meantime, here is an insightful brief overview of electronic music’s evolution, from the 19th to the 21st Century. The Early Years These days, electronic music is everywhere. It

Finding it hard to concentrate on your assignment at hand? Have a deadline dissertation, or have to write a research paper but can’t focus enough to finish it on time? Don’t worry; all you need to do is get some good pair of headphones, plus them in, and play electronic music to help you concentrate! What? Surprise to hear that electronic

Have an exam come up? Want to complete an assignment and can’t focus? Put in some good music, and start working on your essay! Surprised? Don’t be! It has been scientifically proven that music provides when you are trying to concentrate and focus. When it comes to concentrating, studying, and focusing, the types of music and music genres vary. Previously, the

German masked mogul Claptone has not only branded himself in a unique and successful way, but his music has reached millions of people across the entire world over the years. Specialising in the house and tech house genres, he’s one of the most unique and exciting artists in the music industry, and there’s no one quite like him. Getting millions of streams on

It's no secret that wearing a mask and hiding your true identity creates a certain mysterious aura. For centuries, people have used masks for their expressive powers and as a way to push the performative element even further in different cultures, but it becomes even more interesting when masked identities and electronic music collide. We’ve seen the rise in popularity of producers

Once one of the most controversial tactics used by artists, the pop-EDM crossover collaboration is now commonplace within the electronic music industry. By joining forces, pop and electronic music pioneers have been able to mutually elevate their success by creating chart-topping hits that resonate with a larger fanbase. But this tactic isn’t without its controversy, and many have faced criticism