Avicii left the music world and his fans much too early but fortunately, the songs and albums will live on forever with their incredible productions and heartfelt lyrics and performances.  This week signifies seven years since the Swedish producer released his sophomore album, Stories, into the world. After breaking down genres and breaking out into the mainstream with his debut album,

Music is always a good idea. Happy? Play some fun and energetic music to enhance your mood and enjoy your happy day to the max. Sad? Put on those songs that always lift your spirit. Agitated? There’s always a song to help you calm down and relax. Everybody enjoys different kinds of music, depending on their taste, the occasion, and many

As we have approached the end of summer, the heat has definitely stayed intact with the amount of impressive trap and bass releases. We Rave You is pleased to announce the fifth edition of our Trap and Bass Essentials featuring So Sus, Edison Cole, OBLVYN, SoDown, Death Dealers Anonymous, and Dr. KattyWhompus. Showcasing the very best and undeniably brightest when it comes down

North America’s longest-running electronic music festival is fast approaching! To build the anticipation even further, we’ve picked out five acts you don’t want to miss during this year’s edition of Nocturnal Wonderland.  Only a couple of nights remain until the 27th edition of Insomniac’s Nocturnal Wonderland! Creating a magical experience through a stellar artist lineup, vibrant art scattered throughout the venue

For this edition of our House Music Essentials, We Rave You is highlighting a house music artist who has clearly been revolutionizing the industry one electrifying and groovy beat at a time. Los Angeles native Ry Hill is showcasing his passion for house music with his highly-anticipated Black Eyed Peas edit of “GOTTA GET THAT.” A tech-house masterpiece indeed to add on repeat. Los