What started as a platform for professional musicians back in 2007 has morphed into the dominant music platform for millions of content creators worldwide. It is streaming day by day at a flash-like rate!  SoundСloud has rapidly become the one-stop platform for distributing music, demos, and beats, with producers, singers, and any other kind of music and content collaboration with

Whether it be at festivals, clubs or other events, there are times where DJs come together for some seriously epic B2B sets. Spontaneous or planned, the B2B sets allow fans to see their favourite artist in a totally unique capacity, changing up their sets and also allowing the artists themselves to play with different styles. In the spirit of festivals

Although we're still reeling from the excitement of Porter Robinson releasing his second studio album 'Nurture', today we celebrate the anniversary of the album that started a long and beautiful journey: 'Worlds'. Released on August 12, 2014 through Astralwerks, 'Worlds' was born through Porter Robinson's growing tiredness of the commercial EDM scene, feeling as though it was debilitating for his creativity by having

No wonder, birthdays are an important event in one’s life because it marks the date they came into this world. This is why millions of people across the globe celebrate their birthdays with friends and loved ones. However, the experience can become overwhelming when one decides to celebrate their birthday during shows. Because live shows are one of the easiest

Have you ever paused to ask yourself why there is always casino sound effects or background music in a land-based casino? Or even online casinos that have soundtracks picked from popular music? The music and soundtracks you find in casinos are not there by mistake. There are various goals that casino owners and gaming software developers want to achieve through such

The rapid development of technologies in the 1970s led to a significant change in the gaming industry. It became more diverse and vivid thanks to improved audio and video and started gaining fans at an enormous speed. We believe that music is one of the main factors which make gaming the most popular pastime. Just look at the market: when you

One of life’s greatest treasures is the vinyl record. A special way to collect and keep your beloved music, vinyl has some of the world’s most dedicated collectors and some have impressive collections spanning years and years of dedication. It can be an amazing feeling getting your hands on that one record that has been on your wishlist for a

Gone are the days of handmade flower crowns, tie-dye (mostly), and crochet crop tops as festival fashion has evolved over the years. The diversity of festival clothing is something that is continuously changing due to the ever-changing trends in fashion. So, if you were wondering what to wear or where to buy festival clothing, here are a few fashion tips

One of the known ways of improving performance is the improvement of your concentration. There are numerous ways to increase your concentration and make you concentrate better, but one way that stands out is music. The human mind is set in an adaptive way such that it connects directly to the outside environment.  Hence music greatly influences your concentration levels. The