While ARTY has made a very successful name for himself delivering progressive house anthems and hitting stages around the world, the Russian producer, whose real name is Artem Stolyarov, has been not so subtly shifting his focus to progressive trance through his other alias, ALPHA 9.  With the release of the project's debut album, New Horizons, arriving on January 13th

There's been something special about the Holy Ship! brand ever since the festival debuted back in 2012. Maybe it's the flawless amenities and crystal clear Caribbean waters; maybe, it's the world-class artists and vibrant, buoyant partying. No matter which part you find to be your favorite, the festival has been making unforgettable memories for a decade now, and not just for the

German-based sports brand Adidas terminated a 9-year long partnership with rapper Kanye West after his anti-semitic comments on social media platforms followed scrutiny and severe backlash within the music industry and beyond. This is a year of controversies for rapper Kanye West (also known as Ye) - sampling related lawsuits, public harassment of his ex-wife and her family, and spreading hate

Two decades of Pig&Dan, one of the most respected duos in the techno scene. From Mallorca to the world, this duo has designed and followed a fantastic path. With an unbreakable vision and boundless creativity Pig&Dan have earned the admiration of some of electronic music's biggest names, and have done since the very beginning of their twenty year partnership. Having

ZHU is not just only a household name in electronic music. The west-coast artist has now solidified himself as one of the all-time greats within the industry. He consistently finds ways to put his unique signature style on every project he releases, whether that be through music or other ventures outside the walls of his time signatures and audio files. Amid