Erez Eisen and Amit Duvdevani have spent almost three decades at the top of the electronic music scene as iconic Israeli psytrance outfit Infected Mushroom. With 12 studio albums to their name, Infected Mushroom are constantly seeking innovation in the studio, with each production as meticulously intricate and engaging as the last. Brandishing their signature Middle Eastern-Tel Aviv-Melodic sounds, they

Bedrock Records is an English record label founded in 1999 by John Digweed and Nick Muir. A staple of underground music, the now legendary imprint borrowed the name from some successful clubs of that period and ended up immortalizing the magic of genuine clubbing. Trance, progressive house, techno, the genre and the quantity don't matter but collecting the cream that

Providing us all with a wider look into his remarkable life, Chicago-based DJ/producer Avilo has opened up about the main inspirations and influences that led to his chosen career pathway, the significance of his cultural background, the release of his 'La Vida' EP, collaborations within the dance scene and much more. Blessing fans alike with his unique approach towards music production, Avilo

​​​​Over the past 20 years, Malta has seen a complete transformation with regards to the number of large-scale events hosted on the island. That’s mostly down to the perseverance of the masterminds behind one of the country's most prestigious events companies, 356 Entertainment. Trevor Camilleri and Gerald Debono boast decades of industry experience, having produced countless electronic music festivals together

Providing us all with a further outlook into their remarkable careers, Rushline & DOSSCHY have opened up on various subjects during this exclusive interview, as both open up about their time as Rush & Crush, their current solo projects, as well as joining forces once again for a remix project. Impacting the dance scene in more ways than none, Rushline is

The superstar Danish record producer and DJ MORTEN has been at the forefront of the electronic music industry for a couple of years now. Inspired by the sounds of the underground, the artist has shaped the future of the music scene by bringing in elements from the underground and classic dance music and combining them. Having released bangers after bangers

Premiering right here at We Rave You, Italian DJ/producers' Roby Giordana and DJ Jump have teamed up for the ultimate anthem, entitled 'Tarantella.' As unique as their next production(s), vocalist Kris Kiss elevates the track to even further heights, as all three artists' ensure an end product like no other. Blessing us all with the most unique of sound(s), Roby Giordana