German masked mogul Claptone has not only branded himself in a unique and successful way, but his music has reached millions of people across the entire world over the years. Specialising in the house and tech house genres, he’s one of the most unique and exciting artists in the music industry, and there’s no one quite like him. Getting millions of streams on

Working together with Pharrell's old R&B group The Neptunes, Deadmau5 has revealed the creative processes behind their new release "Pomegranate" in an interview with Zane Lowe on Apple Music. In the discussion it appeared the idea for the rather unique collaboration had actually been knocking around for many years; it was only when Joel Zimmerman and Pharrell Williams met up in the

With the release of their awe-inspiring new single, "Be Mine", Hungarian duo Stadiumx are looking to new horizons, building upon their legacy by launching a brand new label Sub Religion Records. Working together since 2009, Dávid Nagy and Zsolt "Sully" Milichovszki have established themselves together as one of the leading names on the future/progressive house scene. Stadiumx have seen huge success over the past decade with a