Everybody loves a good DJ side project, and Oliver Heldens is no exception. Creating the alias HI-LO in 2015, he didn't take long to confirm that it was indeed him behind the music, and it came hand in hand with the inception of his Heldeep Records label. Having a successful career as HI-LO next to his Oliver Heldens tracks, it quickly became a well-loved

The emerging Turkish music producer Türküm has quickly established a noteworthy reputation in the industry, despite being relatively new to the dance music scene. Having previously released his productions on labels like Elysian Records and Lowly Palace, the artist has made the best use of the lockdown period by dropping his second album in a couple of years, titled “Heartbreak

As her livestreams will attest, lockdown has certainly seen Belgian techno queen Charlotte De Witte keeping very busy over the last few months, and now she's just dropped a brand new EP in the shape of Return To Nowhere. As you'd expect it's packed with the typical Charlotte De Witte style - hammering and relentless techno rhythms, a decent dose of

If you think about the German Techno scene, you automatically think about Paul Kalkbrenner. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, techno arrived in Berlin and quickly developed into a unique characteristic, that the city is now known for in the industry. Kalkbrenner, who has become a driving force of the Berlin techno scene is it was growing is now

Victor Ruiz had his debut on Drumcode Records, the label owned by Swedish Techno Don Adam Beyer, last year. Now the Brazilian DJ and producer is back with his latest release on Drumcode, the 4-track 'Freedom' EP. Ruiz’ made his Drumcode debut with 'Nimbus' last year, a track that has enjoyed heavy support by Adam Beyer, Monika Kruse, Pan-Pot, and many

With a background in the old school rave sound, Skylar Mills has been surrounded by electronic music ever since she was young. Growing up around the Belgium and Holland scene, she submerged herself into that world and with people around her playing at well respected clubs such as Berghain, she decided to take matters into her own hands and start her very