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Dedicated to consistently pushing his sound forward no matter what time of the day it is, Valentino Khan is truly on another level in the music industry. Going hard is an understatement when this Los Angeles producer takes the stage. You may know this genre-defying producer from his classic tunes such as 'Deep Down Low' or his captivating collaboration with Alison

For Slushii fans, they have seen his music go through many iterations and genres over the years. As he has explored his sound and path as a musician, all of that has now culminated in what is his biggest release yet in the form of 14-track album ‘E.L.E (Extinction Level Event)’.  With the artist himself stating that it has been at least

Talented up-and-comer NAZAAR has just released his newest track 'WITH U', a vocal trap gem that also tells a deeply personal story of finding self and purpose. Opening with a haunting dialogue between two lovers, the introduction then moves into heavy serrating synths with a hard drop. The distorted vocals serve as a contrast between the light and dark elements of the track, bridging

DJ and producer Alok, Brazil's biggest name in EDM, has linked up with two of his fellow countrymen to deliver a booming new single- "Joga Duro". Featuring one of Latin America's biggest singer-songwriter's Ludmilla and rapper Orochi, this unshakable new single comes with plenty of swagger and star power. The song itself is very much rooted in funk, but not the kind you might be

Rising emo rapper Lil Dusty G has enlisted the help of megaproducer Marshmello for his latest release, "Preached". As grunge as it is pop, as hip hop as it is electronic, it's a collaboration that's both completely unexpected and oddly compelling. Lil Dusty G, often referred to by fans as simply "Dusty" or "Dustin", has been underground for the majority of his career

Houston-based DJ/producer An Ordinary Day has just released a powerful track that will have listeners embark on a unique journey accompanied by elements of complete relaxation. Bringing together a fusion of smooth and soulful vibes, ‘Gold Bourbon’ is the epitome of a production destined to captivate from the off set till the very end! Perfectly implementing his sound in this latest

Looking to make his mark in the electronic dance industry, Miami-based DJ/producer icekream has just dropped a silky-smooth and intoxicating rap cut titled ‘Bolt.’ Following the success of ‘Real Rap,’ this multi-faceted artist has once again showcased his musical prowess to the world, with this latest track destined for the very top of the charts! Taking the track one level further,

Having kept their identities a secret for quite some time, the much-anticipated reveal of who is behind Pushing Daizies, has now been followed with the official release of their debut album titled ‘Initium.’ Both US-based producers Riot Ten and Stoutty joined forces during lockdown with the concept of trying out new genres, and in doing so they have just blessed fans