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Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 14 featuring ATLiens, DROELOE, Automhate & more

Back with our fourteenth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials, We Rave You is excited to feature a few top-tier artists absolutely crushing it this summer. Dominating the trap and bass scene, this edition welcomes ATLiens, DROELOE, Automhate, Gromo, Of The Trees, Josh Rubin, Maddy O’Neal, Homemade, Spaceship, M!NGO, PhaseOne, Xan Griffin, and 4URA

The sun is shining this summer and festival season is in full force. Celebrating the season we all definitely enjoy around the globe, We Rave You is pleased to present our fourteenth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials featuring ATLiens, DROELOE, Automhate, Gromo, Josh Rubin, Homemade Spaceship, M!NGO, PhaseOne, Xan Griffin, and 4URA.

With the Atlanta-based artists known as the ATLiens throwing it down with destructive bass signatures at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver, Canada during their “Space Cathedral” tour supported by YOOKIE and VAMPA, the amount of energy delivered during their set was incredible. With their Canadian fans going off on the rails and being led into another dimension driven by slow-tempo madness from the ATLiens, the fans were in awe for more. Rinsing out tunes such as “Alchemy” and “Obsidian Vortex,” ATLiens definitely got the crowd going as those wonky instrumentals and heavy-hitting bass took over on the speakers. Playing their latest single “ROBOTS” for those bass enthusiasts, be sure to update your playlist with the track below. With bass and dubstep on the radar,  be sure to purchase tickets to the ATLiens tour here.



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DROELOE – “Decision”

The tailblazing indie electronic producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Rooijers a.k.a DROELOE releases “Decision,” the sonically driving and thematically motivating third single from his upcoming debut solo album, ‘The Art of Change,’ out September 15 via AEI Music. In a shift from the previous singles such as the alt-leaning “Feeble Games” and recent indie-pop crossover hit “Landscape” (with Banji), “Decision” is a completely instrumental track centered around an infectious percussive groove that flirts with 2-step & UK garage dance genres – but with a lightness that makes the resulting sound totally idiomatic. Driven by a captivating hummed melody, the beauty of this track is also in the detail of the layers DROELOE weaves over it: with light, playful xylophones, breezy flute & clarinet interjections throughout the track, something different unfolds on each listen. For DROELOE, the heart of “Decision” is the continual flow of this groove which sets us all into ‘active mode’ as soon as you hear it – inspiring us to, as DROELOE shares, “stop overthinking, to get up and go; to not get bogged down and let our choices flow naturally.” It’s unequivocally DROELOE at his most vulnerable, tying in perfectly to the heartfelt concept behind ‘The Art of Change.’ The album takes listeners on a journey through time and place, using recorded voice memos as a ‘feedback loop’ where DROELOE’s present self, engages in conversations with his past and future selves with snippets taken from audio cassettes and journal entries to help him grow each day, fostering feelings of gratitude (“Landscape”) and fearlessness (“Feeble Games”) throughout his life.

An interesting interactive play for the album is that fans can write a message to themselves via DROELOE’s website which they will have sent back to them in a year, and will have access to a series of written essays by Rooijers that form the philosophical bedrock behind the creation of The Art of Change. This multi-dimensional approach to the album riddled with hidden ‘easter eggs,’ codes and games is a sensory delight for audiences that, in trademark DROELOE style, takes us far beyond the possibilities of a conventional listening experience.


Automhate –  “Robotico” EP

Automhate, the prodigious dubstep producer known for his unrelenting intensity, bone-rattling basslines, and audacious sound design, has dropped his highly anticipated release on Funtcase’s label, DPMO. With five tracks that push the boundaries of the genre, Automhate once again proves his prowess as a dominant force in the dubstep scene. Each track on this release is a testament to Automhate’s signature style, characterized by thunderous basslines, intricate synth work, and an unwavering intensity that takes listeners on an exhilarating sonic journey. Collaborations with Mad Dubz and Hukae bring an added dimension to the release, showcasing Automhate’s ability to seamlessly merge his unique sound with the artistic visions of their peers.

Gromo –  “The Vortex” 

Genre-blending producer/DJ Gromo wants to take listeners on a journey. The New York-based artist – who’s studied at NYU’s prestigious Clive Davis Institute, traveled the world playing Ultra events in Miami, Europe, and throughout Asia, and collaborated with artists such as pop singer Rhea Raj and producer/singer-songwriter HUSH – has crafted a sprawling electronic sound informed by a diverse passion for all different kinds of art. Now, Gromo is gearing up to release his The Vortex EP – a five-track package that pays homage to horror and science fiction movies, pushes the producer’s sound into new sonic terrain, and tells a deeply personal story. Gromo battled with mental health struggles during the creation of this project, and wanted this new music to be an escape for others to help heal themselves within, while still reflecting his true artistic identity. As a result, he’s crafted an immersive, cinematic, genre-traversing EP filled with deep emotional resonance. Listeners can get their first taste of The Vortex with the EP’s self-titled lead single – an epic, mesmerizing cut inspired by the films of David Cronenberg. Combining analog synths (specifically the Moog Sub 37 and Moog Grandmother) with sci-fi sonic textures and elements of hip-hop, dubstep, and drum n’ bass, “The Vortex” displays Gromo’s endlessly versatile production skillset. “The Vortex” kicks off with ethereal synth pads before bringing in twinkly, extra-terrestrial synth arpeggios and a metallic pluck melody. Next, the track infuses its mix with a bouncy hip-hop drum beat and an angelic vocal, slowly building before dropping into its propulsive, trunk-rattling drum n’ bass beat and bruising, distorted dubstep bass wubs, inspired by the metal guitar riffs he grew up listening to.

Of The Trees – “Muscaria” and “Everglade March (VIP)” 

Denver, CO-based producer Of The Trees, the mastermind behind the captivating organic bass music project, is set to weave his enchanting spell once again with the release of a mesmerizing double single on his rising label, Memory Palace. The double singles, titled “Muscaria” and “Everglade March (VIP)” are now released and invite listeners on an immersive journey that transcends musical boundaries and brings further promise of Of The Trees’ growing stardom. Of The Trees, known by his birth name Tyler Coombs, has garnered immense acclaim in the electronic music scene due to his affinity for crafting full sensory audio-visual experiences. With a diverse catalog ranging from dubstep to hip hop, his music melds spacious chords with expansive synth stabs, entwined with a heavy dose of 808 percussion, creating a captivating tapestry of sound. Memory Palace, Of The Trees’ brainchild, emerges as an entrancing labyrinth of sonics, reflecting the exploratory spirit of beloved fantasy universes such as Zelda and Runescape. This innovative label embraces the harmonious blend of organic bass, ethereal electronica, and contemplative downtempo, creating a powerful and distinct presence in the electronic music world.

The upcoming double single release epitomizes Of The Trees’ artistry and showcases his evolution as a producer. “Muscaria” serves as the opening gateway to the sonic odyssey, captivating listeners with hard-hitting vibrations and frequencies that reinvigorate excitement for the producer’s penchant to electrify both sound systems and crowds. On the flip side, “Everglade March (VIP)” reimagines a beloved fan-favorite track, elevating it to new heights. With a renewed sense of wonder, the VIP version unveils a fresh perspective on the composition, showcasing Of The Trees’ prowess as a versatile musician.

Josh Rubin –  “Playing with Fire” EP

Josh Rubin, singer-songwriter, and producer releases his long-awaited EP Playing with Fire via label partner No Copyright Sounds. Josh Rubin says “Playing with Fire to me is a representation of what it feels like to fall in love. Each of the tracks on this EP reflects on past experiences and relationships throughout my life. From the darkest of times where I feel like all hope was lost to where my soul felt so full, bright and alive with joy. Both are feelings that are sometimes hard to describe so I tried to bring those feelings to life in these songs. Fire and love share a lot of qualities as in we need both to survive and yet we can get burned by them. That was the idea behind titling the EP Playing with Fire. Expressing love for anything or anyone is a gamble, but it’s a risk worth taking.” Josh was able to link with heavy hitters producers that he has been coming up with over the past 5 years in the scene. Artists like noll, Highland, Francis Derelle, Yetep, Klaxx, Afinity, contributed in the making of this project. It was important for Josh when writing this EP that the songs were culmination of his electronic influences over the past 5 years and what better way to express that than with artists he has shared so many past successful songs with. This EP led off with the powerful single Don’t Want to Feel with Highlnd and noll. Josh says “This track basically wrote itself. I sat down with my friend Charlotte who co-writes with me on a lot of work and we knocked it out in a few hours. Highland and noll were able to turn the track around in a matter of weeks. It all felt effortless.”

Maddy O’Neal & Cleva Thoughts  – “Woofer”

Electro-soul maven Maddy O’Neal is continuing her reign as one of the most exciting artists in electronic music. Over the past seven years, she’s played hundreds of shows and taken the stage at some of the world’s biggest music festivals such as Coachella, Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo and Lightning In A Bottle, where she’s mesmerized audiences with her hybrid DJ/drum pad live performance style. She’s also toured and collaborated with artists such as Pretty Lights, CloZee, Big Gigantic, and The Floozies, cultivating a fervent fanbase endeared by her versatile fusion of glistening, melodic electro-soul with funky grooves and pulsating, synth-heavy basslines.  Maddy O’Neal releases the EP’s second single “Woofer” with Cleva Thoughts, a trunk-rattling collaboration with rapper Cleva Thoughts. Designed with the festival stage in mind, “Woofer” is one of the heaviest tracks in her discography, combining knocking kick drums and deep, bruising bass wubs with hard-hitting bars from Cleva Thoughts.

“Woofer” is the first collaboration between O’Neal and Cleva Thoughts, who formed an instant creative chemistry. The track kicks off with ethereal synth arpeggios and airy, backing synth pads, slowly building before dropping into its cacophonous, subwoofer-expanding bass riffs. The intricate sound design is perfectly complemented by Cleva Thoughts, who coined the song’s name and comes into the mix with swagger, using empty space in the instrumental to attack the mic with the song title: “WOOFER!.” The track then evolves by pitching the bass down and adding trap high-hats over the explosive beat. Next, Cleva Thoughts comes in with a rapid-fire verse. “When I stomp down down drowned out every sound but the bass/subwoofer in the party knock em’ out star though the place,” she spits, riling up the listener by emphasizing the song’s central focus: heavy bass.

Homemade Spaceship – “Electric Indigo”

As a DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Homemade Spaceship has spent the last decade making an indelible mark on the Denver bass music scene. The Chicago-bred producer’s astral-inspired sonics and electro-soul performance style – which incorporate both the electric guitar and flute – has led to collaborations with soulful bass queen Maddy O’Neal and saxophone-wielding artist SoDown, in addition to taking the stage at festivals like Sonic Bloom and Electric Forest. Now, the artist is revving up toward his debut album, Ghost Ride The Spaceship, a genre-blurring, full-length project that displays how his artistry is used as catharsis — a way to escape reality and find purpose in this universe without outside distractions. Wonky, vibrant, and brimming with heavy bass sounds, Ghost Ride The Spaceship promises to envelop listeners on a voyage through the space-time continuum.

Listeners can get their first taste of the LP with lead single “Electric Indigo” – a spacey, vivacious track that catapults listeners into an otherworldly realm with its thumping, scintillating bass notes. Serving as the beginning of an intergalactic space expedition, this single represents a spaceship’s blast-off before making its way out of the Earth’s atmosphere, reminding listeners that, as Homemade Spaceship frequently states, “the only way to go is forward.” “Electric Indigo” kicks off with rolling, atmospheric synths that quickly accelerate into a melodic guitar riff that carries throughout and is accompanied by an ethereal, soft flute section. The track then continues with a grimy, hard-hitting drop with grooving percussion elements that add to the song’s dynamic movement. “Electric Indigo” deftly illustrates Homemade Spaceship’s musical abilities and seasoned production skills, portending a boundless, full-length LP that will explore the depths of the producer’s latest artistic ventures.

M!NGO – “La Morte / Botnet”

Stepping into the shrouded universe of Wave, M!NGO, known off-stage as Jordan Wilkinson, introduces us to his latest sonic creation, “La Morte / Botnet”. Born out of Oklahoma City’s vibrant music scene, this maestro of dark moods turns music into mystical journeys, with each note thick with emotion and mystery. M!NGO’s sound is a cavernous blend of Wave, Trap, Jungle, Sad Boy Rap, and Witch House influences, creating an ambient mix of ethereal soundscapes and hefty sub-bass. His music evokes a tapestry of emotions—nostalgia and melancholy through each beat, haunting every dark corner with dirty, ominous basslines. “La Morte / Botnet” is no exception, taking listeners down a shadowy path, painted with M!NGO’s unique sonic palette. The sound is palpably eerie, deep and pulsating, echoing with intrigue that leaves a lasting imprint on the listener.

PhaseOne – “Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising”

Australian DJ & producer PhaseOne has long fronted the charge when it comes to putting out cutting-edge, genre-blending music. One of the electronic scene’s most recognisable names, PhaseOne has triumphantly carved a niche for himself using a unique blend of bass and metal music. Now, the eclectic artist seeks to go one step further in his mission to champion all things “rocktronic” – by launching his very own record label. Introducing: Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings.  To kick things off, the label shared a 8-track compilation curated by PhaseOne. In addition to an original track from the label boss himself, ‘Sounds Of Mayhem: The Uprising’ features riotous appearances from heavyweights Akeos & Lusumi, Bainbridge & High Zombie, JEANIE & Dino Shadix, DVEight and AVEON. Up-and-comers YUSSI & Neotek deliver a drum and bass cut, plus a killer four-way collaboration courtesy of Fransis Derelle, CRaymak, Tea Timerz and Frank Zummo (of Sum 41 fame). PhaseOne speaks on the label launch:

“Launching my own record label is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time now, so I’m overjoyed to present Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings. I’ve always loved discovering new music and artists, so unearthing and developing new talent not only makes sense for me but is also what I’m deeply passionate about. The word ‘mayhem’ means a lot to me – it represents the chaos that both metal and bass music encompass, in the sense that the listener can express themselves freely and let loose a little. This is especially true in a live setting. To me, ‘mayhem’ symbolizes rebellion, freedom, and anarchy – themes that will run strong through everything we do at Sounds Of Mayhem Recordings. I can’t wait to share with you what we have in store.”

Xan Griffin & 4URA – “Into The Light” feat. Beau Rich

Released on the label New Dawn Collective, “Into The Light”, the electrifying new gem from Xan Griffin & 4URA, engulfs listeners in a potent wave of resonating sound. This is more than a song – it’s an energetic force that throbs with its rhythmic pulse, an audacious beat that comes alive, and it’s primed to ignite the wildest festival stages. It starts with an entrancing whisper of synths, stoking the fires of anticipation. Then the drums unleash their commanding fury, propelling the music forward. The drop is a seismic event, where majestic chord progressions wrestle with razor-sharp percussion design in a stunning spectacle of melodic bass. Amplifying this surge of unbridled power is Beau Rich. His voice weaves a stirring narrative of battling through the shadows, emerging victorious, and stepping into the luminescence. This is a song of resilience, of rebirth, and it pulses with that transformative energy from the first note to the last.


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