Trap and Bass Essentials Vol. 15 featuring DROELOE, CELO & more

It is safe to say the summer has definitely been flying by as music enthusiasts have been traveling around the world during the festival season. We Rave You would definitely like to continue the festival-ready energy throughout August and what better way to do this than to present our fifteenth edition of Trap and Bass Essentials? We Rave You is pleased to welcome a few globally recognized artists absolutely killing it in the music industry featuring no other than DROELOE, CELO, DIESEL, Bobby Blakdout, Dabow, Homemade Spaceship, Edison Cole, LYNY, K+Lab, SadBois, iSorin, JONJEN, and Tzunaami.

While many of us can definitely agree this summer has been epic in terms of festivals, events, and music releases around the world, We Rave You would like to continue this energy moving throughout August with our Trap and Bass Essentials volume fifteen. Featuring artists who are absolutely making a name for themselves and dominating in the music scene, We Rave You welcomes top-tier artists DROELOE, CELO, DIESEL, Bobby Blakdout, Dabow, Homemade Spaceship, Edison Cole, LYNY, K+Lab,  SadBois, iSorin, JONJEN, and Tzunaami.


DROELOE – “Downside Up” ft. Transviolet

Netherlands-based indie electronic producer, composer, and multi-instrumentalist Vincent Rooijers aka DROELOE releases his new single ‘Downside Up ft. Transviolet’ via AEI Music. Paired with this announcement is the release of the pre-order for his debut solo album and vinyl – available now via Bandcamp. ‘Downside Up’ is the fourth and final single from DROELOE’s upcoming multi-disciplinary album The Art of Change to be released on September 15. Featuring LA-based alt-pop-rock sensation Transviolet, ‘Downside Up’ is a bittersweet motivational song that gradually grows in strength and determination, soft felt piano and fragile ethereal vocals unfold until they break out into raw, cathartic alternative – drum & bass. ‘Downside Up’ is a journey from darkness to light, about finding a door that leads to a better place, but one that no key can fit – in the wake of the grief associated with letting go of control over our surroundings, of our dreams, and accepting our mistakes DROELOE leads us to a place of catharsis and resolution. Within the music itself, DROELOE uses wistful, very loose drops and sparse sounds to create an overwhelming wave that you’re maneuvering yourself through as you listen. A deliberately jarring D&B drop hits on unanticipated beats in the way that things in life happen when you least expect them- you can’t control when they land and are as a listener forced to just let the music happen around you. In one of the most emotive tracks on his forthcoming album, DROELOE leaves us with a message of hope as the vulnerability and darkness of the opening blossom into self-confidence and light.


The name CELO is no stranger in the music scene. With an ever-evolving and eclectic sound like no other, CELO has been building his global fan base from day one. Throwing it down at iconic festivals such as EDC Orlando and Forbidden Kingdom, the Florida-based producer brings a fresh new vibe with a glitch of madness to his production style. After teasing the energetic remix with MACHAKI of DEORRO’s “Five Hours,” this one was an immediate crowd-pleaser just in time for festival season. Showing no signs of slowing down, CELO makes his appearance on one of electronic music’s most influential labels known as Monstercat. Joining forces with DIESEL to make the ground shake for this one on his debut album, the dubstep heater “WARFARE” is out now, and let us tell you it is full of destructive energy to light up those festivals.

As CELO and DIESEL prepare to land on earth and gather their dubstep army for destruction, all hell breaks loose as the floor-shaking bass and DIESEL’s spine-chilling vocals begin to whip through the speakers in order to alert the listener that these two dubstep connoisseurs have arrived. Ready to mosh pit? Well CELO and DIESEL have the perfect remedy as pure synth and low-tempo bass lines are delivered at an alarming pace. Hyping their global fan base to ride the rail and prepare for an out-of-the-world experience as they explore the realms of dubstep, CELO, and DIESEL have proven they are not a force to take lightly.

Bobby Blakdout & Dabow – “FRESH”  ft MC Eiht / “WERK” ft KXNG Crooked

The electronic music scene has witnessed a seismic shift as two powerhouse artists, Bobby Blakdout and Dabow, join forces for an electrifying B2B release. Their upcoming dual singles, “FRESH” featuring MC Eiht and “WERK” featuring KXNG Crooked, are primed to ignite dancefloors and redefine the genre. These singles have been released via Bobby’s independent Label Blak’d Out. Bobby Blakdout and Dabow, both renowned for their boundary-pushing sound and innovative approaches to music production, have captivated fans and critics alike with their individual releases. Now, their collaboration is set to create an explosive fusion that promises to be greater than the sum of its parts.

“FRESH” ft MC Eiht showcases Bobby Blakdout and Dabow’s masterful blending of hip-hop and electronic elements. MC Eiht’s iconic West Coast flow seamlessly intertwines with the duo’s intricate production, resulting in a track that’s destined to become a modern anthem. MC Eiht is an American rapper and actor. Many of his songs are based on his life in Compton. His releases have been featured on Doggy Style Records & Epic Records. On the flip side, “WERK” ft KXNG Crooked delves into uncharted territory by fusing KXNG Crooked’s razor-sharp lyrics with an electrifying electronic backdrop. Bobby Blakdout and Dabow’s collaboration with the acclaimed rapper pushes sonic boundaries, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible within the realms of both hip-hop and electronic music. KXNG Crooked is an American rapper from Long Beach, California. He is best known as a former member of the hip-hop supergroup Slaughterhouse and has released singles on Death Row Records, Shady Records, and Empire just to name a few.


Homemade Spaceship – “Ghost Ride The Spaceship album

DJ, producer, and multi-instrumentalist, Homemade Spaceship is a vivid world-builder. With a heavy, astral-inspired sound and electro-soul performance style, the Chicago-bred, Denver-based producer has spent the last decade making an indelible mark on the Denver bass music scene. His infectious music and stage presence – which sees him folding in electric guitar and flute into his earth-shattering DJ sets – have led to collaborations with soulful bass queen Maddy O’Neal and saxophone-wielding artist SoDown, in addition to performances at festivals such Sonic Bloom and Electric Forest. This journey has allowed him to display his evocative soundscapes to listeners not only in Denver, but to fans across the nation.

Homemade Spaceship fully embodies this creative method on his debut album, Ghost Ride The Spaceship – a genre-blurring, full-length project that showcases how his artistry is used as catharsis and a way to escape reality. Idiosyncratic, vibrant, and brimming with heavy bass sounds, Ghost Ride The Spaceship envelops listeners on a narrative voyage through the space-time continuum. Listeners got their first taste of Ghost Ride The Spaceship with the LP’s lead single, “Electric Indigo,” a spacey, vivacious track that catapults listeners into an otherworldly realm with its lush electro-soul vibe. Next was “Astro Jones,” and then the trunk-rattling dubstep banger “Gassed Up.” Ghost Ride The Spaceship tells a chronological story, kicking off with “Kick Dust,” a boom-bap-inspired track that combines its dusty hip-hop beats with extraterrestrial bass sound design. This opening song begins the story of a wannabe astronaut, who, desperate for an adventure, builds his own spaceship to blast off into space. “Astro Jones” is the name of an outer space being he befriends, and “Gassed Up” chronicles their boisterous, reckless travels through the cosmos.

The metaphor of Ghost Ride The Spaceship’s story is a relatable one, translating the universal mission of trying to find one’s purpose and place in the universe through immaculate production techniques and ample amounts of bass and swagger. The LP also contains potent emotion that runs through its tracklist, articulating how the journey towards self-actualization isn’t always easy. In fact, it’s the turbulence that makes it exciting.

The Chainsmokers & bludnymph – “Self Destruction Mode” (Edison Cole Remix)

Edison Cole is a highly supported artist who launched with an explosive 2022 and 2023 is no different. Continuing his hot streak, Edison released one of the most viral remixes of Calvin Harris’ “Miracle” landing over 250K streams in 2 months, and garnering support from the world’s largest DJS including Jauz, Svdden Death, Dj Diesel (Shaquille O’Neal) and more, energizing festival stages around the world. With freight train momentum, Edison reminds us just how driven an up-and-coming artist can be by delivering us his “Self Destruction Mode” remix via The Chainsmokers premiering it on Tomorrowland’s fantastical Mainstage. Edison’s Remix opens up into a medley of layers complimenting Bludnymph & Drew’s voices with his effective melodics and songwriting, building up into one of the most powerful drops to grace the stage in 2023.

LYNY – Familiar 

 LYNY, also known as Alec Leinhauser, is set to unveil a groundbreaking EP that defies conventions and charts a path into unexplored sonic dimensions. Familiar, a collection of three chill, introspective tracks released on the Memory Palace label, founded by Of The Trees. This release heralds a new chapter in LYNY’s musical voyage, as he navigates uncharted territories while leaving an indelible mark on the electronic music landscape. LYNY’s roots trace back to his middle school days, ignited by the groundbreaking sounds of Skrillex. Departing from his signature high-energy tracks, Familiar represents a new musical path driven by introspection and a desire to transcend genre boundaries. Familiar emerges as a result of LYNY’s meticulous craftsmanship, influenced by minimalist artists such as Ross from Friends and Pocket.

These inspirations manifest in a chill, introspective sound that captures LYNY’s personal journey and growth. The EP was incubated in his parents’ home, infusing it with nostalgic sentiments. Each track in Familiar is a testament to LYNY’s artistic evolution. “Cat Tale” pays homage to the unconditional love of a family cat, while “Home” reflects on gratitude for one’s upbringing. “Attach” explores the complexities of attachment and relationships, showcasing LYNY’s progression as both a musician and an individual. Beyond Familiar, LYNY envisions a future that transcends genre definitions. His aspiration is to be recognized as a versatile musician, collaborating across mediums, including film and with diverse artists. LYNY’s journey is an embodiment of taking risks and embracing one’s unique path.


Born in New Zealand and now based in Melbourne, K+Lab’s influence has always been vast, spanning genres from Soul to Jazz, Hip hop to Drum n’ Bass, and Glitch to G funk. This EP, however, leans more into a fluid and downtempo production style capturing the essence of afternoons under the sun. Live music enthusiasts will recognize the tangible feel of real instruments in this EP. With bass, guitar, and keys being recorded live, including contributions from guitarist Joshua Mcgovern aka Lttle KNG , K+Lab’s guitar teacher turned collaborator, PXLMTREES resonates with authenticity. K+Lab’s journey, from the vibrant shores of Australia to the buzzing streets of Denver, has consistently been about exploration and growth. This EP serves as a testament to his dynamic ability to reinvent and surprise his audience while staying true to his funky roots.

Renowned as the “Master of intergalactic funk,” he has released his latest EP, PXLMTREES VOL.1,  marking a distinct sidestep from the usual Bass heavy focused beats. Out now via Philos Records, PXLMTREES reflects the summer vibes of its namesake, inspired by poolside days and Pina Coladas.

SadBois– “Lonely Together EP

Rocktronic/melodic bass trio known as SadBois have released their EP titled Lonely Together. Out now onFlux Pavilion’s Circus Electric (a sub-division of Circus Records). This EP features an exceptional lineup of talented artists, each contributing their unique sound to create a captivating exploration of the complex and universal emotion of loneliness. Through ‘Lonely Together,’ SadBois aims to delve deep into the intricacies of the human experience, offering an ironic perspective on the isolating feeling of loneliness. The collaborative nature of the EP serves as a powerful message to the shared aspect of this profound emotion while simultaneously showcasing the vast range of its manifestations. SadBois seeks to encapsulate the multifaceted nature of loneliness and its transformative influence on personal growth and self-discovery.

Opening the EP is the emotionally charged track “Lonely Nights,” a captivating collaboration between SadBois and MashBit, featuring the ethereal vocals of UNDY. This hauntingly beautiful composition sets the tone for the rest of the EP. Continuing the journey is ‘Worst Day Ever,’ a poignant collaboration between SadBois and PatFromLastYear, seamlessly blending their artistic visions and showcasing the soulful voice of Micah Martin. The emotional depth of this track resonates strongly with listeners, providing a profound exploration of the depths of despair and solitude. Next in line is ‘What It Feels Like,’ a powerful and introspective collaboration between SadBois and TENZO. This track masterfully combines SadBois’ signature electronic elements with TENZO’s mesmerizing melodies, resulting in a sonic tapestry that beautifully captures the essence of loneliness. The hauntingly enchanting vocals of LÚTHIEN further elevate the emotional intensity of the piece, immersing listeners in its ethereal ambiance. Bringing the EP to a close is ‘Bringing Me Back,’ a collaboration between SadBois and ARNHEMIA, featuring the heartfelt vocals of Rickie Lane. This final track serves as a poignant reflection on the journey of overcoming loneliness and finding solace within oneself. The combination of heartfelt lyrics and the dynamic production by SadBois and ARNHEMIA results in a cathartic and uplifting conclusion to the EP.

 iSorin – “Evolve” EP

There’s an ancient adage, “Music is the universal language.” And in this day and age, it’s becoming harder to discern the innovators from the imitators. Yet, every so often, a distinctive voice emerges, reminding us that innovation is far from dead. Enter iSorin’s newest collection of works: the Evolve EP. A long-awaited three-year project, iSorin delivers his opus via vibe.digital, masterfully interweaving classic Wave rhythms with the grittier, cutting-edge pulse of the genre. Traces of his early hip-hop inspirations – from Timbaland to Dr. Dre, meld seamlessly with influences from UK bass music giants like Skream and Burial. Add to the mix a dash of the transformative sounds of RL Grime and Seven Lions, and what you get is a sleek, introspective, and slightly trippy odyssey.

The journey begins with “Mutate:Evolve:Survive,” a trippy dystopian prelude, which unfurls into a mesmerizing kaleidoscope of synths and 808 beats. Following closely is “Quad-Helix,” offering listeners a contemplative respite with its slower tempo and vibrant melodies, a stark contrast to its predecessor. By the time we reach “CRISPR – Cas9,” we’re thrust into a cinematic landscape of sweeping arpeggios and intense crescendos. “Side Effects” is where iSorin really showcases his talent for world-building, using a haunting vocal sample to transport listeners to a unique post-apocalyptic realm. And just as we’re immersed in this new world, “Atrophy” jolts us back to reality. It’s a bass-heavy anthem, both invigorating and robust, the kind of track that would get a festival crowd roaring. The EP culminates with a twist: a trance-infused rendition of “iSorin – CRISPR – Cas9 (Noah B Remix).” This finale straddles the balance between the original’s essence and fresh trance undertones.

JONJEN & Tzunaami – “Hate It, Love It” feat. GLNNA

The fast-rising DJ/producer acts, JONJEN and TZUNAAMI, announce the release of their collaboration, “Hate It, Love It (feat. GLNNA)”. This blend of melodic bass and progressive house influences results in an upbeat electronic dance track that expresses the dichotomy of emotions experienced when the thrill of falling in love clashes with the struggle of maintaining that love. “Hate it, Love it” is distinguished by its catchy vocal hooks and an intimate, sentimental guitar intro/outro that frames the narrative of the song. The track underscores the fascinatingly intricate journey of love, capturing listeners’ hearts in its rhythmic grasp.

The track “Hate It, Love It” serves as TZUNAAMI’s first official release, but the duo is no stranger to virality, having enjoyed a robust TikTok & Soundcloud following due to their popular mashups. The song perfectly symbolizes the progression of both acts, marking an important milestone in their burgeoning careers. Both JONJEN and TZUNAAMI have been active since late 2020/2021 and have received commendable support from YouTube channels such as Wave Music and Proximity, and industry heavyweights such as Nicky Romero and Barong Family. With a busy calendar lined up, including support for Ekali, Manilla Killa, and a new side project debut for JONJEN, the DJ/producers show no signs of slowing down.

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