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Whales discusses life, music, and his upcoming album in exclusive interview

Israeli DJ and producer Whales has had an incredible decade-long journey making a name for himself in the electronic dance music space. In anticipation of his upcoming sophomore album, Two Worlds Apart, we reached out to him to discuss the new project, his career, and life in general. Following the release of his latest single, Beyond read up on Whales and the excitement still to come this year in celebration of the new album.

In a genre dominated by singles and EPs what made you decide to do an album now?

I think the music scene these days is mostly about singles and EPs. That’s why I felt inspired to create an album, especially now. I wanted to offer something more than just a quick 2-minute track followed by a short social media buzz and then moving on. This album is a story about where I come from, what kind of music I’m into, and what I really enjoy creating. It’s more than just releasing a song – it’s like a piece of my identity as an artist that will be around even when I’m not.

I’ve never done a project this big before, with a tour and merch and everything. So, this time, I’m really excited to go all out. I hope people enjoy it as much as possible. It’s something I’ve put a lot of heart into, and I can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Who are a few of your dream collaborators?

Trippie Redd comes to mind when we talk about the massive artist side, but if we’re talking about music, I’d absolutely love to collaborate with IMANU, W IN K, and knock2. I’m truly captivated by their music at the moment and find their unique styles and creativity to be incredibly inspiring.

What music do you listen to outside of EDM?

I’m really into some of the older electronic music like Prodigy, but my daily listening mostly revolves around melodic rap, R&B, and punk rock!

What’s your favorite song on the new album?

It’s genuinely tough to pick just one, but I’d have to go with “Don’t Want You To Go.” No matter what’s happening at the moment, the instant I play this track, everything starts to feel a little brighter. It’s like a spiritual experience that uplifts me.

Do you have any special performance plans to celebrate the album release?

We’re celebrating the album release with an incredibly special performance at the legendary bass festival “Lost Lands.” This festival holds a special place in my heart, and we intentionally timed the release to align with the festival so that I can have a grand audio-visual release party there!
You’ve achieved so much in the first decade of Whales, what do you hope to achieve with the next decade of it?
I want to achieve more on the human side, not just material success. I aim to help people, inspire them, and have as many people as possible enjoy my art. In the next decade, it’s less about me and more about giving back.

If you had to pick one highlight of your career so far, what would it be?

My first international show was in Paris in 2015 when I was 15 years old. That show completely transformed my life. After 7 years of making music up until that point, I finally felt, even if just for a moment, that I had a real opportunity to live this life forever by doing what I love. And so, I’ve continued on the same path until now!

What do you do for fun outside of music?

I really enjoy exploring different things and trying out new hobbies. Whether it’s cooking, delving into psychology, understanding how the brain works, getting into interior design, or focusing on gym and health, I have quite a range of interests, haha. I always make sure to have a lot going on outside of music to keep a good balance in life.

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