Whales delivers final single ahead of upcoming album ‘Two Worlds Apart’: Listen

As fans continue to look forward to the release of Whales’ upcoming sophomore effort, Two Worlds Apart, the Israeli producer has now released the third and final single from the new album. For this beautiful, melodic new track, Whales is joined by Fytch as the two deliver the single Beyond to fans around the world.

Over the course of his decade-plus career, Whales has showcased his incredible production skills and penchant for hard-hitting club anthems that have helped elevate him to incredible heights within the bass music scene while overcoming a slew of personal and physical health setbacks. Following up on his previous two singles, Digital Demons, and Big Room, this latest offering showcases a more melodic side to the producer as he enlists help from Fytch who helped to perfectly complete the production:

I’ve been a huge fan of Fytch for over a decade. I can still remember being 14 years old, completely blown away by his song “In These Shadows”. His musical skills and the way he crafts his harmonies in songs really stuck with me and inspired me. I followed his music for years until we eventually became friends. I wasted no time telling him how much I’d love to collaborate, but I never had a song that felt worthy of sending him until one magical day. It was 4 am, and I found myself alone in the studio with no distractions—no phone, no music, no lights. Out of nowhere, I started humming the guitar melody and then the lead in the drop. I quickly recorded a voice note of it and by 6 am, I had most of the idea figured out. I even named the demo “6am”. From the moment I started working on it, I knew Fytch was the perfect match. It had that emotional depth I knew he could take to the next level. So, I sent him the demo without hesitation. He liked it, but due to some other commitments, he couldn’t work on it for almost a year. Since the album is all about my roots, musical influences, and inspirations, it just felt right to have Fytch involved.” 

As the release of Two Worlds Apart is fast approaching its delivery in mid-September, Beyond provides fans a deeper look into the musical mastery and mindset of Whales, showcasing his incredible ability to blend voices, guitars, and impeccable bass production all in one.

Image Credit: Press photo/ provided by GetIn! PR

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