Galantis continue new era with release of ‘Koala’ music video: Watch

Galantis already has a storied career spanning over a decade that has seen the project earn Grammy nominations while performing at festivals and stages around the world and releasing three full-length albums. Now Christian Karlsson, the producer behind the project, is embarking on a fresh journey for the project as anticipation grows for the release of the upcoming fourth album, which would follow up 2020’s incredible release, Church.

The new era of Galantis began earlier this year with the release of BANG BANG (My Neurodivergant Anthem), a track that allowed Karlsson to express his feelings towards his personal experience and diagnosis with ADHD. Now he is continuing to push forward with the new single Koala, yet another infectious sing-a-along track that is sure to be a staple of live sets for the foreseeable future. The single arrives with a brand-new music video directed by Anastasia Duchess, showcasing Piiper in the midst of a house party, engaging with guests and the changing scenery that comes with such events. As the visual draws in the viewer, the track’s infectious topline, co-written by BullySongs, who has previously teamed up with Galantis for the hit track No Money, the refrain of the singles title flashes across the screen, embedding itself into the listener’s psyche.

With the start of this new era, Galantis is continuing to showcase its penchant for dance music anthems while revealing an honesty regarding personal life and obstacles that is sometimes lost in the club and festival scene that so often defines this music. As Galantis continues to hit stages throughout the east coast of North America this year, including a massive set at Electric Zoo, Koala is sure to be a staple of every performance,

Check out the new single and incredible music video below:

Image Credit: Press Photo | Owned by Gina Tucci; provided by Neighbourhood PR

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