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In 2012, long before the very concept of the WRY website took shape, our Facebook page had featured Salvatore Ganacci‘s then upcoming release ‘Rocket Science‘. Appreciating the innovative style and outlining our high expectations, we repeated similar sentiments when we featured his captivating 2013 release ‘Firefly,‘ on Cr2 Records, appreciating the evolution of his production style.

And yet again, today we return to talk about Swedish Electronic Music production force Ganacci’s next release ‘Dive‘ which features samples from Irish singer/songwriter Enya‘s 1987 track ‘Boadicea‘ from her self-titled album. To add yet more quality, the track is assisted by vocals from one-half of vocal duo Max Elto, Axel Aris.

Evolving his musical quality and production technique even further and spreading his adaptability to suit today’s spectrum of Dance Music, the Stockholm based producer gives the perfect beginning to his track using Enya‘s eerie vocals from her track ‘Boadicea‘. This sampling is further used by Axel to lace it with vocals giving it an unusual but extremely attractive quality. And finally it all merges seamlessly into the melting pot created by the trap-beat work created by Salvatore. Set to be doing rounds in sets on the biggest stages around the world, make sure to put in your playlist lest you have to keep opening Refune’s soundcloud!

The track is available for purchase on Refune Records through iTunes here!