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It’s often the way of Hardwell to become more of an icon breaker after making the icon itself. Always thought of being concentrated on Big Room House music, Dutch House roots more precisely, it’s almost as if people develop a singular understanding of his tastes. But Diplo provides a stage for Hardwell to show otherwise, as he invited Hardwell and Swedish virtuoso Salvatore Ganacci, or simply Salvatore, whose recent release ‘Dive‘ with Enya was quite a chart climber.

The mix is quite a different combination from two. While Hardwell focuses on putting together a blend of Grime, House, R&B and Trap as he went along in the first hour, Salvatore decided to stick to his guns as he showcased a experience and regularity in taking his pick for the hour. Altogether, quite the delight for the ears of those in dire need of good music – a curation that Diplo never seems to run out of!

Official track-list curated from the guys at 1001tracklists is available here!