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Apps are all the rage these days, especially apps that can lync, co-exist and work together.

This is just the case with the ever-popular music streaming platform Spotify as it teams up with the popular dating app Tinder. Together this partnership will help other users discover what a potential match might be listening to.

Before this feature music interests were based off the users ‘likes’ of certain artists or bands on Facebook.  Now, with this merge, Tinder account holders can do a variety of things, such as select a song, or anthem for their their profile.

To get the full experience of this partnership, users must have both Spotify and Tinder.  If a user doesn’t have a Spotify account, they will only be able to view anthems and won’t be able to choose one.  However, syncing both has its benefits, such as adding a favorite artist to increase the likelihood of an accurate match.

Spotify is bringing people together one dating profile app at a time.


Source – Dancing Astronaut