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Having already caught the attention of Spinnin Records from an early stage in her career, Univz is back with some big new for her fans. Along with the release of her latest three track EP entitled ‘Days Are Blue’, she has also announced the launch of her own imprint, aptly named Aesthetic Vibes. Describing how she “wanted to create a place where I can feel free and literally do whatever I want and to express myself better”, the artist can not be more excited about the future of her career. And rightly so – from the festival banger “METI” to the mesmerizing “Lucid Dreamin’”, Univz’ portfolio has been nothing short of impressive.

The first track ‘Acid Trip’ is overflowing with trippy sounds, futuristic vibes and memorable melody ready to take you away to another dimension. Second on the EP, ‘What’s on Your Mind’, is an experimental-sounding piece, with hypnotic pads which turn into a much more relaxed and melodic atmosphere with bright synths to lo-fi smooth keys. Whilst the final track, ‘Days Are Blue’, is the “song” of the album, with Univz singing about a pensive kind of love. Angelic and dreamy vocals, wrapped in the ambient atmosphere, pull the listener along on a melancholic trip.

In a nutshell, Univz’ sound brings you to a dreamlike state; as if you had drifted into a digital otherworldly environment like in your first PC game. So be sure to stream the EP in all its glory below.


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