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America’s biggest Future Bass duo, The Chainsmokers are set to drop their third release of 2018 this Friday. Having already released ‘You Owe Me‘ and ‘Sick Boy‘ in February and January respectively, the boys from New York are set to top their previous releases with their upcoming release.

While a title hasn’t been announced, recently leaked artwork could suggest it could be titled ‘Everybody Hates Me‘. It appears that the song will be accompanied by a video shot by the duo’s frequent collaborator Jeremiah Davis, a.k.a. @thatoneblondkid. He says via his own Instagram account that the visual will “make a lot more sense” once the new music has arrived.

Since their releases a short while ago, ‘You Owe Me’ and ‘Sick Boy’ have achieved great success in typical Chainsmokers fashion, with ‘You Owe Me’ totalling 24 million streams, while ‘Sick Boy’ has skyrocketed to 110 million. In addition to this, ‘Sick Boy’ has charted in the Spotify top 10 in 8 different countries and peaked at #9 on the U.S. iTunes chart after spending just 10 days charted. Meanwhile, in just 6 days, its counterpart peaked at #44 on the same chart.

Check out The Chainsmokers’ cryptic Instagram post below!

New Music Friday | @thatoneblondkid

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